Launching a course or program, and want some bonus ideas to include during your open cart period? Today, I’m sharing a few bonuses to include during your launch to get more enrollments!

First, you could offer some bonus calls: a success call, a brainstorming call, co-working calls, implementation calls… there are lots of ideas! This can help the students feel more connected to you, and help them succeed.

Next, think about some tech how-to tutorials. If you’re teaching the strategy or overview, throw in some technology setup walkthroughs, like installing a Facebook pixel, or using Canva, etc.

Next, you could add in some checklists or process sheets. People love to know they’ve got every step taken care of in the process.

Lastly, you could include some done-for-you items. So, if you’re teaching Facebook ads, maybe you have some Facebook ad graphics to include as a bonus!

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