As a designer, I do a lot of personal projects. I get to work on a lot of great projects with my clients, but being able to just let the creativity flow however I want is fun! Personal projects are also a great way to keep myself always working, even if client work is slow. 

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This year, I finished my first personal project that lasted a year ago. I started the 50|50 Series as a way to keep design FUN, because not all projects (freelance or at my day job) were fun. I love design, and I wanted to do a project that I enjoyed and didn’t have to be “approved” by anyone. 

I set a few guidelines for the project: one state posted each week, three fonts per print, and 2-3 colors per print. The guidelines helped me keep the series cohesive, but still gave me enough flexibility to have with it. Doing a year-long project was tough! It took a lot of discipline, but it really pushed me.

After finishing the year-long project, I took a few weeks off. I originally planned to take off more time, but when an idea hits…  you run with it! I decided to do another project series over the summer. The One Another Series may be one of my all-time favorite projects I’ve ever done!

The third personal project series that I just finished up is the Local Letters Series. I wanted to do a project that incorporated both my love of photography and typography. I went exploring around town and local parks to get the photos for this series. 

My fourth, and probably largest, personal project of this year has been #FranktheChair. Frank goes on a big adventure each month, as well as small, everyday little adventures. He goes unexpected places (like the top of Blood Mountain), does odd things (like ice-skating), and always loves meeting new people (like Chick-fil-A employees). 

You can follow ALL of #FranktheChair’s adventures on Instagram!

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