Taking a vacation, or any time off, when you are a business owner can seem… impossible. Will you go broke? Will you lose clients? In today’s video, I want to share how I was able to take three weeks off of client work!

I love my work – but I also love time off, and love traveling.

How I book my projects is a big part of how I can take time off every year. I book my clients 3-4 months in advance, on a continuous basis! My clients have to sign and pay a deposit now, to work with me in the future.

I make sure that no projects are going on while I’m gone… every project is done before I leave and new ones start when I get back. I don’t want any loose ends while I’m gone.

Because my clients are on a payment plan, I also get payments while I’m gone – this helps my income be more consistent, too. I make sure to communicate with everyone before I leave, so no one thinks I’ve vanished before their project.

The other part that I had to prepare before leaving for vacation was content. I needed to prep for YouTube videos and podcast episodes to post while I was gone. Planning content is easy though, and I teach you how to do that inside Content to Clients!

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