For the past few months, I’ve been working with Ceci, owner of AIR, A Blowout Salon in Suwanee, GA, to update the design of her website. 

The process started with doing a photo shoot with some local models! We spent the day photographing the entire process of getting a blowout, and then did some fun “after” shots outside. Having great photos to display the stylists’ work on AIR’s new website was really important because people prefer to SEE your product, rather than read about it. 

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Here’s a look at AIR’s previous website:

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What needed fixed:

  • The cloud background made it really hard to read anything on the website. If people can’t read your website, they’re going to leave! 
  • The layout of the website needed adjusting. There was a lot of dead space at the top of the page, navigation was weirdly aligned, and the interior pages had a lot of text.
  • We needed bigger and better pictures to attract people as soon as they landed on the website. The salon itself is really beautiful, and we needed pictures to match!

And now, AIR’s new website:

What we fixed:

  • We made the website cleaner and easier to read. White background instead of clouds, and used only two fonts. A font for headlines, and a font for the body copy is a good rule of thumb!
  • When someone pulled up the old website, much of the content was below the fold, due to all the dead space at the very top. You only have about six seconds to impress someone enough to stay on your website – so we brought everything up higher to reduce the need to scroll as much.
  • We updated the photos to be bigger and higher-quality. We also added video (shot by my husband) in an attempt to help Ceci tell the story of AIR in a more personal way and connect with her audience. 

Just a few, simple updates, and AIR’s website is cleaner and much nicer to look at! 

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