Good news! Facebook is finally letting us schedule Instagram posts from Facebook itself, and I’m going to show you how. Two important things to mention before we hop into this tutorial. First, you do have to have an Instagram business account in order to be able to do this. And second, you do have to have a Facebook page. You can’t do this from your personal profile, so be sure both of those things are set up.

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Schedule Instagram posts with Facebook

So to get to the Facebook Creator Studio, you’re going to need to first go to your Facebook page and then click on publishing tools and then over on the left hand side, click on a creator studio and this will open a new tab. So once you come to this screen up at the top, you want to click on the Instagram icon and then over on the left hand side we want to click create post. Now you’ll see that we actually have the options to post on our Instagram feed or IGTV. For this tutorial, I’m just going to cover the Instagram feed. Then over on the right we want to select which Instagram account we want to post to.

And here is where we will set up our post. First you have your caption and you’ll see it tells you how many characters you have left, how many mentions you have off, and how many hashtags. What’s nice is that because it’s connected to your account, you can easily pull up people that you are following or often mention. So for example, if I want to tag my friend Ginny, she pops right up and I can mention her in the caption. We also have the option to add a location if that’s something you would like to do and then add content. We want to choose the photos or videos that we’d like to post. You can choose from your computer or from your Facebook page and you’ll notice if you click on the three little dots underneath the photo, you can delete or even crop the photo.

And if you want to add more than one photo, just hop back up here to add content. And now I have a second photo. You also see there’s a post to Facebook option. So if you want to post the same content on Facebook and your Instagram at the same time, you totally can. Once your post is ready to go, slide on over to the right hand corner. You can publish if you want to publish immediately or click the arrow and if you want to schedule your Instagram post, click schedule and then you can choose your time and day and that’s all you have to do. Now you can keep scheduling more posts.