Week 1: 

Can your site pass a 5-second grunt test?

If someone opens your site for only FIVE seconds, can we tell what you do right away?
If someone only spends 60 seconds on your site, do we have an idea of what you offer?
  • Option 1: ask some biz friends to do the grunt test on your website.
  • Option 2: post your URL in the comments and tell others you need a grunt test buddy. If you post your link, do the grunt test for someone else (or multiple, if you’re feeling friendly).

Week 2: 

If people only did ONE thing on your website, what would you want them to do?

So many people want #allthebuttons on their website.
  • Join my group
  • Sign up for my list
  • Book a call
  • Grab this freebie
  • Follow me on Instagram
  • …and Pinterest
  • Watch this YouTube video
  • Work with me!
  • Did you join my list?
I’m not saying you can’t have multiple CTA’s on your site – you 100% can. But, limit 1 (maybe 2, depending on the size of the page) per page.
More importantly, WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DO? If you want people to join your Facebook group but it’s only on one tiny button buried at the bottom of the page after 15 other CTA buttons… they’re getting lost.
This week, take a look at your site. Think about what you want people to do (this focus can change!) right now. Are you needing more clients? Take off the pop-ups. Need more subscribers? Add a pop-up or a CTA bar on your site.


Week 3: 

Privacy Policy + Copyright

Does everyone have a Privacy Policy linked in the footer of their website?
Does everyone have a “© 2019 Name” in their footer?
WordPress + Divi clients, you can add/update footer info by going to Theme Customizer.
If you don’t have a Privacy Policy, this is where I get mine: www.jesscreatives.com/tcs
It does cost, yes. But this is a *LEGAL* document that protects you if you get sued or need to take action against someone who copies you. This is not something to mess around with.


Week 4: 

How does your site sound to visitors?

The best approach is to talk to people like they are READY TO BUY.
People don’t just *stumble* upon your website. If they come to your site, they are LOOKING for HELP.
Remove any:
  • “Welcome! Take a look around!”
  • “If you’re considering…”
Another thing to pay attention to: LESS of “I can.. I will…” and more of “You need… You have…”
Less “I” and more “You” –– make it about THEM.

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