Today we are being very meta, talking about should you do a video podcast? Many podcasters contemplate also putting their episodes up on YouTube or I also know people who are thinking about starting a podcast and they don’t know if they should do a video podcast on YouTube or just stick to audio.

Before this podcast, I used to have another podcast where I interviewed female business owners and I did put the interviews on YouTube, but I was recording the actual video interview. They knew they were on camera that they would be both on iTunes and YouTube. And so I wanted to talk about my experience and what’s best for YouTube.

So the short answer for whether or not you should do a video podcast is no, but there are some exceptions.

It really depends on your specific business. But for the most part, it’s a no. So the first reason that I say no is based on personal experience. I know that I got way more engagement and listeners on the audio version versus the video version of my video podcast. And again, this was actually the video footage from the interview, not a still image, just with the audio attached to it, which is a whole other story.

Now if you are interviewing people in person, I think that could be a little bit different. So if you’re actually treating it like, okay, this is an in person interview and I’m doing it because I want the video content and I’m just repurposing for an audio podcast that’s different.

I also know a guy who does a YouTube live every week and he dives into his topic, he responds to people in the comments and that whole thing, and he’s doing this because his main topic that he talks about is YouTube. And it’s really great content. It’s really engaging. His audience is really interactive, but then he repurposes that and puts it on his podcast. So I think the big difference is that if you are recording or creating content for video, but then you just happen to also repurpose it for audio. I think that’s great.

It just doesn’t work as well to create content for an audio podcast and then try to repurpose it for a video podcast.

So that’s all based on my personal experience and what I’m seeing others do. Now, if we want to dive into the YouTube specifics, I think that part of the reason that these video podcasts don’t do as well is because they’re just not very engaging. They’re not very interesting to now some people are like, well, I just put it up there so that then I can embed it somewhere or that it’s easier to share.

If you are just treating YouTube like a storage kind of place, I think that could be okay. But if you are someone who’s trying to grow a YouTube channel and be active on YouTube and maybe you’ve been thinking, oh, like I can have just my usual video content where it’s just me on camera, but then I can also have this video interview and then I’m producing more video content and it’ll help my channel. It’s not going to work. Especially considering most podcasts interviews are, you know, 30 to 45 minutes. Maybe even an hour long. That is really long video content for people to consume on YouTube.

Not that they aren’t or that it’s not possible, but again, it’s just not that visually engaging. I will say there might be one exception. I have seen podcasters who record in on zoom or Google hangouts, but instead of the side by side view where you can see both people at the same time, it actually is full screen and whoever’s talking is actually on screen. This can be a little bit more engaging because the camera or the view changes more often.

But even then it really depends on your audience. Do you have a built up audience? Are you trying to grow your YouTube channel? What is the purpose of trying to also have a video podcast and not just an audio podcast. So if you are a podcaster or you have thought about it, those are just some things to consider. Basically, I would say just save yourself the time and the headache and stick to an audio podcast.

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