Besides choosing colors (of pretty much anything), people also love choosing FONTS. Websites that have tons of free, downloadable fonts make it even easier for people to find fun, new fonts to use! But, because of this, there are some over-used fonts that need to stop being used.

    Here are my suggestions for better fonts that you can use when designing! Links to download the fonts are below the image. (Pin the image to remember these fonts when designing!) 

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    Instead of Lobster or Brush Script: Arizonia, Kaushan ScriptQumpellkaNo12

    Instead of Jenna Sue or Bradley Handwriting: Dancing Script, Halo Handletter, Amatic

    Instead of Papyrus or Times New Roman: AmaranthBebas Neue, Droid Serif

    As always, be sure to check the license of the fonts! Though these are FREE, some are only free for personal use, not commercial use.

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