Squarespace vs Wix – which is better? We’re going to compare design, e-commerce, SEO, plugins and more in today’s video!

    Squarespace and Wix are both drag and drop website builders. Wix has more of a ‘free for all’ canvas design approach, while Squarespace is more grid oriented. The Wix ADI option leans a little more grid-like though, with not as much freedom as normal templates.

    One big downfall for Wix is that it’s not 100% responsive… it is mobile-friendly, but not totally responsive. You want to make sure all of your content and links appear as normal, no matter what screen size the user is on!

    When you look at e-commerce, the two platforms are pretty similar. You can sell digital or physical products, but only sell services on Squarespace. But, Squarespace does not have a point-of-sale integration.

    Now, looking at SEO on Squarespace and Wix, they are also pretty close. Wix was in some hot water a few years ago for bad SEO practices but they have fixed that. Squarespace also introduced some more SEO options in the last year or so, which was a really nice upgrade!

    Plugins are popular among WordPress users, but Wix also has some apps (plugins) you can integrate into your website. Squarespace doesn’t have a plugin directory like Wix, but there are third-party plugins! SquareStudio is popular: http://bit.ly/2ZiaXAP (use code JESSCREATIVES to save 20% off with my affiliate link).

    Lastly, let’s look at backup and export options. Wix can back-up your site, but you can’t export content. Squarespace has an export feature, but no back-up system.

    Personally, I recommend Squarespace because of their true responsive design functionality, and that you can export your content.

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