As a web designer, my main job is to make my client’s sites look awesome. Like any product, it’s not just “form over function,” but form AND function. Part of that means having good content to turn the visitors into customers or clients. As I look at websites, I see a lot of entrepreneurs being too passive. I’m NOT a copywriter, but it’s easy to spot copy that needs some tweaking.

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What do I mean by being passive?

Things like,

  • I hope you enjoy my site, and I hope you hire me.
  • Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy looking around.
  • I’m so glad you’re here, let me know how I can help you.
  • If you need a _______, I’d love to be considered.
  • Welcome to my corner of the Internet!
  • Contact me.
  • Subscribe.

I understand that you want to come across friendly, and helpful. You don’t want to sound like a used car salesman, or an infomercial. You don’t want to be in their face. You want your website to feel warm, inviting, and personal.

EVEN if you are a blogger and don’t have anything to sell, these passive statements should be changed. Instead of welcoming them, or thanking them — encourage them to subscribe, or to follow you on social media. Even if you don’t have something to sell, you can still encourage action.

These passive statements aren’t working for you. I’ll tell you why.

Not targeting your audience

As a graphic and web designer, people are probably not just “stumbling” across my site. Actually, I know they’re not. I can see (some of) what they’re searching on Google, when they find my site. Yes, there was that one weird time when someone searched “peanut butter dispenser” and somehow ended up here, but let’s not worry about that, shall we?

When people come to my site and your site, they are entering intentionally. For me, they’re likely coming to read a blog or tutorial, or they need to hire a designer. I don’t spend my Saturday nights surfing photographer’s, copywriter’s or VA’s websites for fun.

Lacking confidence

You’re afraid to ask for the sale. You don’t have to be a used car salesman to ask for a sale. You can still be yourself, communicate your value, and remind the audience why they need to hire you. (Remind, not convince.)

When you’re not asking for the sale, it’s telling the audience that you’re not confident in yourself.

Your website is not your hardest working employee when it’s passive. If you owned a store, you wouldn’t want your employees to greet everyone by saying, “Hi! I hope you enjoy being here… if you want to buy a fridge, we’d love to be considered. But, no pressure. We hope you just enjoy looking around!” That would be weird.

People want to hire other people who are confident in what they do (not cocky like Trump, though). Without asking for the sale, it can communicate to the audience that you’re not fully invested in your business, or that you don’t truly believe that you are good at what you do.

How to fix it

Knowing that your audience is coming to your site intentionally, and wanting to appear confident in your services, talk to them like they are already ready to hire you.

Acknowledge their needs, and remind them of it by using the same pain points they use and talk about online. Communicate your value, and the benefits of working with you.

But, most importantly, use a strong call-to-action:

  • Book now
  • Schedule your free assessment
  • Take charge of your health now
  • Register now for $xxx
  • Get the free course now

(Or, hire a copywriter to help you with crafting these call-to-actions! I have a few listed on my Resources page.)

The importance of a great CTA

A store’s strongest employee is one that is friendly, helpful, and isn’t afraid to ask for the sale. Your website could be your best employee. When you’re not afraid to target your audience with a strong call-to-action, your website and sales pages become great converting and selling machines. If you’re putting all this work into your website, why not make it work harder for you?

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