With the new year approaching, many entrepreneurs are making goals! Re-vamping their business, updating their logo, or maybe just finally starting their business. A question that I’ve heard asked several times recently is, “When do I need to get a website? After I get clients, or now, to try and get clients?”

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My website is not the only way I get new clients. I use social media, network, and receive numerous word-of-mouth referrals from friends and clients. But, two years ago – my website was … sad. It was ugly, and it was hard to navigate. (Granted, it was set-up more like a portfolio, not an entrepreneur trying to gain new clients.)

When I finally re-vamped by website to have contact information, a blog, and a Hire Me page — I GOT CLIENTS. Lots and lots of clients.

Shouldn’t I focus on social media?

Between Facebook groups, Slack groups and Twitter chats — online networking is a huge part of networking as an entrepreneur right now. On my Hire Me form, I ask people how they found me. Over HALF say they found me via Google, the next highest answer was social media. Believe me when I say, I understand the power of social media.

There are two problems with solely relying on social media though. First, these social media platforms could disappear in a few years — remember MySpace? If they don’t disappear, they could make you disappear if they find you to be violating their terms of service. Second, your followers only see about 140 characters or so of you throughout their week. They’re missing out on diving in deeper to getting to know you, seeing all the details about your services, learning from you, etc.

when should you get a website?

Probably now. If you want new clients, you have to give them a way to find you — more than just your Etsy shop or Facebook page. Not having a website is like a physical store not putting a sign on the front of their building. How are people going to find you? (Besides your friends and family telling their friends how awesome you are.)

If the thought of a website overwhelms you, just remember KISS (keep it simple, stupid). You don’t HAVE to have a blog, or 20 pages of content and opt-ins. Start with Step 1 — make the investment, and get a professional-looking website. Start with:

  • Telling people who you are
  • What you do
  • Where you are (if you have an office/studio/store)
  • How they can contact you

Again: KISS (keep it simple, stupid)

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