Over the last several months, many of my clients have come to me in the beginning stages of their business. I love working with these types of clients because I get to be a small part in getting their business up and running.

But, as I’ve been helping my different clients launch, they often have questions as we’re wrapping up their website (or sometimes, in the middle of working on the website!). These questions usually have to do with SEO, or setting up Mailchimp, or even tweaking their copy.

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While I can help with some of these things, I recently wrote a blog post about how you cannot be all things to all people. I wanted to follow up with that, with my personal recommendations of who you should consider talking to if you’ve recently launched a website. (These are not affiliate links or part of any referral program, these are just who I send my clients to when they ask, and I wanted to share with you!)


I do provide basic SEO services with each of my website packages, but I always tell my clients that I am not an expert. I apply what I know, and what has worked well for me. But, if someone is really needing a good revamp of their SEO, I send them over to Alistair Gill.

Not only does he help with SEO, but he can also help you better understand your web analytics as well. Maybe you’ve seen a jump in spam traffic to your website, like many others out there? He can help you with that, too!


The copy on your website is an extension of your brand. Personally, I always prefer copy on someone’s website to show a bit of their personality, instead of sounding like a robot. Abby Herman is a fantastic copywriter, who’s writing is always spot-on!

And, if you’ve already written your copy, she can edit it for you. Abby also offers ghost-blogging for your business! If you’re too busy to blog (or just hate it), let her take over.

Social media, email, scheduling…

Allie Walker is a virtual assistant that has some great service packages available. I almost put “virtual assistant” as the headline of this little section, but sometimes I think people see that term and just think it’s for people making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Allie can help you get your client management system set-up, set-up Mailchimp, or even take care of your bookkeeping. She has several great packages, but also has a ton of a la carte services, too!

Who do you love?

Is there someone out there that really helped get your business up and running? Or, maybe someone who’s just been a big support lately? Share the love below!

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