Just in the last week or so, I have told a handful of people about Dubsado, people who’ve never even heard of Dubsado. So I wanted to dedicate today’s episode to sharing a few of my favorite Dusbado features. And if you are someone who doesn’t know what Dubsado is, it’s basically a client management system. You can invoice, send your contracts and forms, have notes about each client. It’s really handy. So everything’s in one place. It’s seriously a game changer for your business. 

First, let’s talk about Dubsado invoicing.

Most of my services are over a thousand dollars. And that means most of my clients would prefer to pay in a payment plan, which is totally fine with me. It kind of helps even out my cashflow, honestly. So Dubsado makes it really easy for me to say, okay, Joanne is going to pay this amount. That’s the total of her project. Now here we’re going to divide this into four separate invoices between when she signed up and when we launch her project.

And I can tell Dubsado to send the invoices every four weeks or I can say, Hey, I need you to send these on August 1st, October 12th – I can be really specific when those invoices go out. Another little bonus feature with Dubsado is that you can actually enable a tipping features. So if your clients feel you went above and beyond, they can actually tip you on your invoice. And I don’t know about you but I mean I’m going to enable that feature if someone feels like they want to tip me, which I have actually had a few clients do.

Next, let’s look at the workflow setup in Dubsado.

So I’ve seen some other systems where you can set up a workflow, but it more acts like a checklist for you. But with Dubsado, your workflows are automated so you can say, okay, once the contract is signed by the client, then send them their first invoice and once their first invoices paid, okay now send them their questionnaire and you can do this with several different features with in Dubsado with contracts and forms and invoices and all that kind of fun stuff and you can even send yourself emails.

So I have it as part of one of my workflows to send myself an email to add that client to slack once they have signed their contract. And you can have several different workflows. So if you do different services like I do, you may have a slightly different workflows for different projects. It just makes it easy for different clients and different projects.

You can select a particular workflow and if need be, if something is really custom or something really changes with that client, you can actually delete one part of the workflow once it’s already implemented. So if you’re like, oh, I actually don’t need this questionnaire sent, I need a different one. You can edit that out.

And the last feature I want to talk about is the Dubsado forms that you can send to clients.

It sounds like such a minor detail, but makes a huge difference. So I used to use type form for all of my forms, like my inquiry forms, my questionnaires for clients, anything and, and, and don’t get me wrong, I still love type form but I don’t use it for client questionnaires anymore.

My client questionnaires are pretty long because I’m getting a lot of information about their brand, their website, what they like and dislike their logins, like all this information. So it’s pretty lengthy and it can be kind of annoying to clients if they have to have all of that information at once and they can’t come back and click save. But with Dubsado forms, they do have the capability to save a draft and come back and work on it later. And then once they’re finally done, then they can submit their questionnaire.

To me, and I know this is something that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with because so many clients want the ability to fill out their questionnaire in pieces because they only may have a few minutes of time to fill out part of it over the course of a few days. 

So those are the three big Dubsado features that I love: the invoicing and payment plan capability, the workflows that are automated, and then the forms that clients can come back and edit and then submit when they’re ready.

But there’s one more thing I want to point out about Dubsado. You can try out Dubsado totally free and it’s not like you can only try it out for seven days and then you have to sign up or you can try it out. But you can only try it out on the limited plan. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through plenty of trials where only some features are unlocked, or I can only try it for seven days, which doesn’t even give me enough time to try it.

But with Dubsado, you can try it out with up to three clients in your database, depending on how you work with clients, that could mean you can try Dubsado for a month or two before having to even pay for it. They have really great live chat support in lots of tutorials available, so be sure and dive in. Reach out to them if you have problems. I hope that maybe you try this out or some kind of client management system because it really helps save you tons of time.

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