I’ve been using Snapchat for several months now, but recently started really falling in love with it. With the new algorithm changes on Instagram and Pinterest, and the ever-annoying algorithm on Facebook, Snapchat is a fun social media platform.

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You might be thinking, really? Another social media platform that I’m supposed to sign up for? Yes! Here are a few reasons why I love Snapchat, and why you should be on it, too.

No algorithm

Can I get an amen? There is no algorithm on Snapchat. As usual, you choose who you want to follow — but there’s no feed to scroll through. Instead, you click on the updates that you want to see. For instance, I follow Trena Little on Snapchat. But, I don’t see any of her updates until I click on her name in the “Recent Updates” section. (I do always watch her updates though, she’s awesome.)

A new level of personal

Snapchat is great for sharing behind-the-scenes, and even just inside our normal day-to-day. On Instagram, we all share our styled photos and use pretty filters. Just today on Snapchat, I watched:

  • Someone make homemade lotion
  • Someone working out
  • Someone refurbish an old chair
  • And, a few pictures of lunches, coffee shops, and family outings

Earlier this week, Trena and I got to snappin’ back and forth talking about YouTube and websites. Snapchat is like a whole new level of personal service and connection.

It’s just fun!

There’s no feed, there’s no algorithm — there’s no scheduling. Snapchat is just updating as you go. There are some awesome filters — but these are NOT like Instagram filters. Snapchat filters vary from distorting your face, to making you look like a panda. There are no likes, favorites or retweet (er… resnaps?) to worry about.

I’m not here to say that Snapchat has changed the life of my business, or earned me $10k. But, it’s easier, and more fun, to connect with other entrepreneurs on a more personal level.

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If I’ve convinced you to jump over to Snapchat, here’s a quick intro guide:

Profile and Friends

Navigate to the screen where you can take a photo. Click the “ghost” in the top-middle of the screen. On this next screen, you can add your profile picture, edit your username, or add friends.

If you click on the yellow square, that’s where you can set your profile picture. This yellow “box” is your Snapcode. Post this snap code online, so others can save the snap code, upload it to Snapchat and add you.

Sending photos or videos

Your “Story” is equal to your feed. I can send a photo to one person, and no one else will see it. If I post it to my Story, all of my followers can see it for 24 hours — and re-watch it, if they want. When you receive a snap from a friend, it will disappear in 10 seconds or less, depending on their settings.

To use Snapchat filters, just swipe left or right once you’ve taken your photo or video. There are a few color filters, but then you’ll see you can add the time, temperature, or speed as well. To use the extra fun Snapchat filters, have the camera facing you. Tap on your face once or twice, and then a geometric-looking mask will cover your face on the screen.


Friends can send a text reply to your photos or videos. Just this week, Snapchat released an update to the chat. Now, within chat, you can video chat with your friends as well. Read more about this on the Snapchat blog.

For a more in-depth beginner’s guide to Snapchat, check out out this post!


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