It’s Monday morning…you’re up and feeling refreshed…you’re ready to take on the day. You may have even gotten a head start and mapped out your top 3 tasks last night before bed. First on the list…”Map out Instagram strategy for the week.” Coffee – check. Your favorite Instagram scheduling tool – check.

Then it hits you. You are staring at a blank space and start to panic because not only do you not have any images ready, but you don’t even have a clue what you even want to say or who you want to say it to.

Well, my friend, worry no more…because I am about to share with you three ways you can incorporate your brand strategy into your Instagram with impact.

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Before we begin, you need to know what your brand strategy is. Whether you have or haven’t worked with a Brand Strategist before, that’s okay, because you can do this. Before we begin, you need to know what your brand strategy is. Whether you have or haven’t worked with a Brand Strategist before, that’s okay, because you can do this.

If you are someone who has worked with a Brand Strategist or Branding Expert then you probably already know the things like your ideal client, your brand messaging, the overall picture you want to portray for your clients. If you are someone who has no idea what any of that means, you can go ahead and grab this free guide to help you walk through it and then you’ll be able to come back here and breeze through the rest.

Identify your Instagram Brand Voice + Messaging

Are you someone who is a little more outspoken or do you typically resonate with posting more heartfelt content? Whatever it may be, find out what type of messaging you are most comfortable with sharing and be consistent with it, always. For example, I specialize in helping people put a whole lotta strategy + heart into their brands and businesses, so these are exactly the types of posts you will see on my Instagram feed.

You’ll notice that I often use a photo of myself that I own from my own personal brand shoot. I usually pair it with an overlay and used my brand fonts and colors, as well as my logo. This creates brand cohesiveness both visually and via the messaging.

(Tip: batch create these images with Jess’ ebook so that way you aren’t stuck staring at a blank screen every Monday morning.)

Utilize Insta-Stories and Carry Your Brand with You

You probably already know that if you aren’t using Insta-stories, you need to jump on the wagon. But, it’s easy to feel like you don’t know what to say or share on there, right? The key is, to not overthink it and never take yourself too serious. Show people what you’re up to on an average day. People want to connect with people. Again, take your brand messaging and find ways to infuse it into your stories. You can even create branded graphics for your stories so it is easier to have an image to post. Here’s an example of an Insta-story graphic that I use. It’s simple and leaves plenty of space for me to share any message I want to add inside the Instagram app when I am ready to post.

Stay away from sharing graphics that do not embody your brand messaging

If you only use one of these three tips, I would say that this one is the most important and provides the most value to your social media strategy. Don’t share or post images just to make a post. Intentional content will always connect best with your ideal client and you don’t want to create confusion when it comes to your brand messaging. People want to come to your feed and automatically get a feel for who you are and how you can serve them. Staying consistent and always having your core values and brand elements in mind will help you stay on track with this.

By following these three steps, you will not only create consistency with your brand but you will build upon your Know, Like, and Trust factor with your audience. They will grow to expect the type of content you put out and trust in what you are saying. Plus, being on brand is always more visually appealing. Following these easy steps will surely help you gain maximum impact when it comes to your social media strategy.

Guest post written by Ginny Krauss. Ginny is a brand strategist and greatness coach for creative entrepreneurs.

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