There is ONE thing that I hear over and over again from my clients: I don’t have time. They don’t have time to work on their website, design a brochure, be on social media, send feedback on projects, etc.

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Below, I have listed out some of the best tools to help you save time. This doesn’t list of every option available, but these are some of the best and most widely-used tools!

Social Media Time-Saving Tools

  • Buffer, Hootsuite, or Edgar | These services allow you to schedule out social media posts on multiple channels. Instead of interrupting your day multiple times to update social media, schedule it out each week!
  • Latergramme | This app allows you to add posts to your queue, and then will notify you when it’s “time” to post. Just swipe, and post.
  • Canva | Quickly create graphics to share on social media.
  • MailChimp | Easily design and schedule/send your newsletters.

Project Management Time-Saving Tools

  • Basecamp | If you’re one who works with multiple projects at once, Basecamp is a great tool to help you manage all your projects.
  • Trello | This is also a project management software, but free!

Money-Related Time-Saving Tools

  • Freshbooks | If you have multiple projects, then you’ll also have multiple invoices. This is a great tool to help you keep invoices under control.
  • Wave | Free accounting + invoicing tool.
  • Expensify | Easily track expenses, sync your credit card, and create expense reports!

Client or Team Time-Saving Tools

  • Calendly | Instead of going back and forth scheduling time with clients, send them a link to your Calendly. It links with your Google Calendar, and will block out times that you have marked as busy on your calendar.
  • EchoSign | Dealing with contracts? Make it easy on your client. No more printing, scanning and emailing.
  • MixMax | Schedule emails within Gmail, get reminders if you haven’t heard back from someone, and track if someone has opened your email.
  • Slack | Less emails, and great for organizing various topics of conversation!
  • Dropbox | Easily share your files with other team members or clients.
  • The Contract Shop | Have no idea what to include in your client contract? Get an attorney written contract up and running in 10 minutes or less!

Miscellaneous Time-Saving Tools

  • Evernote | Great for making lists, blogging, collaborating, saving links, etc.
  • Google Voice | If you don’t like giving out or posting your personal number, get a free Google Voice number. GV can also convert your voicemails to text!
  • | Spend too much time sifting through junk email? This free service will unsubscribe from all the unwanted email in your inbox, just select what subscriptions you want to keep!
  • Typeform | Beautiful forms to help you intake information from clients.

One More Thing…

There is one other great tool that will help save you time. Other professionals.

You don’t have time to do everything. You are not superwoman. You’re running a business. Do blogs takes you weeks to write, and you hate how they sound? Hire a writer. Do you cringe at the thought of taxes? Hire an accountant. Can you never get your brochures to look just right? Hire a designer. Network with other professionals, and see if you can work with others to lighten your load. Focus on what you do best. 


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