When you started your business, you created (or had someone create) a website and logo. Around that same time, you also probably set up one, if not multiple, social media profiles for your business. These are the first three steps that many people take when starting out. But, it can be overwhelming and frustrating to know how to best get your content and services in front of your target audience.

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    With millions of users on social media, and 1 million links shared on Facebook every 20 minutes, there’s no question as to why some people aren’t getting the engagement that they so desire. So, how can you stand out on social media? In a busy feed full of text, beautiful, branded visuals are a great way to grab your audience’s eyes.

    Last year, Pat Flynn decided that just posting inspiring quotes on social media wasn’t enough. So, I turned a spreadsheet full of quotes into branded graphics that were ready for him to load up and post. It’s easy to see that his tweets that also have those images usually receive more engagement:

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    Pat has 123k followers, so almost every tweet he sends get some sort of interaction, but you can see just by retweets and favorites alone, that the tweets with images receive a higher level of engagement.

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    Why is this?

    There are two main reasons that Pat’s images receive more engagement, that you can take and apply to your own social media:

    1. Pat carefully chose the quotes for these images. He knows his target audience very well, and knows that these quotes will resonate with them. He’s not picking them at random, and he’s not just posting his own favorite quotes (though he may like them). When you have a clear idea of your target audience, it’s easy to know what will resonate with them!
    2. The images are consistent with his brand, and easy to read. Pat actually had so many quotes he wanted created (1k to be exact), that he split up the quotes between another designer and I. So, I can’t say that every images is 100% consistent in fonts and styling, but as a whole, the images are fairly cohesive. Can you say the same for your feed?

    What about me?

    You might be thinking, that’s great for Pat, but what about me? I can’t afford to hire a designer to design a thousand images for social media?!

    You don’t have to hire a designer, and you don’t have to be a designer, to have beautiful, branded images. It just takes a little bit of learning design, and the right tools to help get you pointed in the right direction.

    And, I’ve created just the solution for you!

    Take your social media graphics further.

    You’re already spending the time to create social media graphics – why not take them to the next level?

    What if you could create graphics that actually cause people to engage with you? What if your graphics could attract more clients?

    Better engagement on social media = on your way to growing a community, and attracting more of your ideal clients.

    But, I can’t afford to pay a designer to make all these graphics…

    I don’t even know where to begin…

    Beautiful, branded social media graphics make you look like the pro that you are. 

    I know you’re busy. Your time to work ON your business is precious and limited, so why not make your efforts during that time WORTH what you put into them? In order to see a change with your social media, you need to be INTENTIONAL and you need a PLAN. But, you can’t afford to hire a social media manager or a designer to help you create these graphics. That’s why I created this guide. You’ll learn the simple steps you can take to make share-worthy graphics stand out in the crowd.

    Less time trying to figure out what fonts and colors look right means more time to binge-watch Scandal on Netflix.

    You have two choices. Keep making your so-so graphics on the fly, or have beautiful, branded images that work harder for you.

    Do you use images on social media? Do you see a difference in those posts?

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