New bloggers who are just starting to work with WordPress often get overwhelmed by all the customization options. No doubt, WordPress can be a beast at first.

    Whenever I’m trying to learn a new tool or software, it always helps to keep a goal in mind. This way, I don’t feel like I have to master every function and feature right out of the gates. I get focused and zero in on figuring out only the stuff I really need to know to accomplish my goal.

    One goal that’s really important if you’re blogging for business (or hoping to turn your blog into a business) is building a strong email list. Even if you’ve got an incredible following on social media, those platforms can come and go (RIP to the glory days of MySpace). So, say Twitter disappears tomorrow, you still need to reach the people who know, like and trust you. And for that reason, I strongly encourage you to make email list-building a priority when you’re setting your site up on WordPress.

    Plugins will be your best friend. Think of plugins on your site like you would apps on your phone — they add features and functionality to your site. There are plenty of list-building plugin options available that allow you to capture emails on your site. But these tools range in their customization options, compatibility with various email services, and overall functionality.

    For an overview of some top email plugins to help you decide which one is right for you, watch this video:

    My plugin recommendations:

    • Magic Action Box
    • Bloom
    • SumoMe
    • MailMunch (Mailchimp users)
    • ConvertKit’s own plugin (for CK users only)

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