If the struggle is too real every time you think about coming up with social media graphics to accompany your posts, I’ve got your back in today’s video.

We’ve all been there: short on time and out of ideas. And, unless you’re a designer, you may sometimes be unsure about where to begin in the first place.  

For you non-designers, here’s a quick list of the five key elements every good social media graphic should have:

  • A cohesive color scheme

  • Easy-to-read fonts that create hierarchy

  • Design elements

  • Breathing room

  • A optimized layout for each social media platform

No matter what level of design skills you’ve got working for you, we can all start designing smarter for social.

These five tools/resources will help you do exactly that:

Try testing out one of these tools each week until you come up with a smart design routine that works for you. Let me know about your experience in the comments below.

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