A WordPress website is perfect if you want to establish an “online home” that you can customize, update and remodel for years to come.

You can find a site theme that fits your brand and the extensive library of available plugins makes it possible for your site to shift and grow in functionality as your business grows.

But, I’ll be honest, all of the features, options and available customizations can be a little overwhelming (especially for new users). When you’ve got tons of choices right in the beginning, it increases your chances of making major mistakes as you set things up and move into “maintenance mode”.

Still, WordPress is an incredibly popular platform with benefits that serve most business owners. You just need to know how to avoid a few of the biggest mistakes you can make when setting up and maintaining your site. I’ll share how you can avoid those mistakes in this video:

Were you making any of these WordPress mistakes? Let me know if this video helped and share your thoughts/question in the comments!

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