31 days. It doesn’t sound thaaaat long, right? There are a lot of challenges out there for entrepreneurs – monthly Instagram challenges, quarterly income challenges, etc. In August, I decided to participate in #SSSVEDA – Video Everyday in August, put on by Amy Schmittauer.

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The idea behind VEDA is that you vlog everyday for a month, in an effort to get better! With Amy’s challenge, she provides a Facebook group for community, as well as daily prompts if you want help.

Before VEDA:

  • A three-month old YouTube channel
  • Posting weekly videos
  • Shooting videos on my iPhone
  • Uncomfortable on camera

Participating in VEDA was a little overwhelming, and at times – I wanted to quit. I had been doing weekly videos, so I knew what work it took to do the videos. But, I didn’t think of scaling that work to daily videos for an entire month. Whoops! I’m so proud to say that I successfully completed the challenge, publishing a new video every single day.

Here are a few things I took away from VEDA:

Practice makes perfect

Okay, so I am FAR from perfect on my video skills. I still have a lot to learn, and many ways I can improve my videos. But, there is a DRASTIC difference between my first YouTube video in May, and the last video from SSSVEDA. Because of the drastic difference I’ve seen from this challenge, it has me thinking about doing other challenges – like a logo a day, or a drawing per day, etc. If you want to get better at something, try doing it everyday for a month!

Start small, upgrade later

When I started my YouTube channel, I just recorded with my iPhone. Go to any video expert and they will tell you that it’s a great way to start. I was hesitant to upgrade at first, because I wanted to see if I was going to stick it out with the video. A few days into the challenge, I was really excited, and knew I was going to stick with it. So, I upgraded and got a real camera (aff. link), and tweaked my video recording set-up.

Learn from the experts

During this challenge, I became more active in some Facebook groups specifically geared towards those who do video marketing. Video is so foreign to me, and I have so much to learn about it! I love learning about it though, and love learning all the things that will help me take my video content further. So, I’ve been watching and learning from Gary Vaynerchuk, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Amy Schmittauer, and Trena Little.

The results…

I drastically increased my subscriber count during August – I passed the 100 mark! Now, this is a vanity metric that doesn’t really equal the same amount of views. But, it does help in getting more views and more shares!

As I mentioned previously, I’ve become much more comfortable on camera. I don’t write scripts anymore, and often don’t have to do as many re-takes! There are 31 videos you can go check out on this playlist, but I want to share three of my favorites from the month:


Take the leap

At the beginning of this year, I was TOO afraid to do video. I could do screen share videos, but that’s it. I kept hearing the facts about how video will soon be king, and how it can help SEO – but I wanted to stay inside my comfort bubble. But, as business owners, there will be changes and trends. We can either adapt, learn and embrace new things… or we can resist and (possibly) fall behind. I thought I would hate video, but it turns out, I actually love it. 

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