I’ve blogged many times about my favorite tools to use in business, like Mailchimp, Basecamp and Typeform. You’ve probably seen these types of posts from many entrepreneurs – we love to share our insight about the tools and programs we use. But, many times I think the wrong message can be sent with these types of blog posts.

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Most of the product-sharing posts come with a message along the lines of, “This changed the life of my business!” or, “If you’re serious about your business, you need to invest in this tool.” While these statements may be true to an extent, we’re forgetting one part.

Our business still requires work.

ConvertKit is awesome. Mailchimp is awesome. Tailwind is awesome. Basecamp is awesome. Asana is awesome. WordPress is awesome. Squarespace is awesome. Google apps are awesome. Teachable is awesome.

Part of what makes the tools above awesome are the functionalities and capabilities they all have. But, buying all of these tools isn’t going to instantly make you $10k next month.

Because, like it or not, switching to ConvertKit isn’t going to magically build your email list with their magic minions.

You still have to put in the work. You still need a strategy.

Part of what makes an entrepreneur successful is doing what they say they’re going to do. (tweet that!)

Tools are great for helping you streamline or simplify. Can you still be successful if you’re using _______ and not _______? Yep. Working towards your goals, with or without specific tools and courses, is more effective than just writing down your goals.

(Though, if you’re using Microsoft Paint to design, that might NOT work.)

You don’t have to buy into all of the lofty claims to fame + success that people make about tools, courses, or even a strategy. (Regina has a lot more to say about this.) You don’t have to drop everything right now and sign up.

Because the thing about success is that you determine it.

You determine it by how much effort you put in.
You determine it by how you market yourself.
You determine it by your pricing and offerings.

You determine your own success because yours looks different than mine.

Maybe success to you is $2k a month, or getting two clients a month, or 100 email subscribers. Maybe you don’t care about a six-figure launch, or even six figures at all. Maybe spending time with your kids is more valuable than $100k.

If your definition of success means 100k email subscribers, then yes, go ahead and invest in LeadPages and ConvertKit.

If your definition of success means $100 each month, then maybe you don’t need to do webinars, giveaways, and big launches.

Don’t get sucked into comparing your success to other people’s success.

Don’t think that just because you buy _______, you’ll be successful.

Do the work, and do what works for your business.

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