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As business owners, we have one goal: to make money. And for most of us, that happens through clients. It’s not a sleazy thing to want to make money, because if we’re not making money, it’s not a business… it’s a hobby. And today I’m going to talk about what you actually need to focus on to get more clients in your business. 

If you’re new here, I’m your host Jess Freeman and I help health and wellness professionals get better clients through their website. And speaking of websites, I’m hosting the Work Your Website Challenge starting November 18. It’s free, it’s only four days, and I’m going to show you how to make easy changes in 30 minutes or less to turn your website into a money-making machine. Go sign up at jesscreatives.com/challenge. 

So, clients. We’ve talked a lot about how to get clients on this podcast, in a lot of different ways, whether it’s through blogging, or Instagram, or Facebook ads. But I want to back this conversation up to a bigger picture when it comes to getting clients, because there are three core elements to focus on…. regardless of what platform are avenue you use.

The first element is building your Know, Like, and Trust factor, which we talked about in episode 72 a few months ago. When I was at some conferences last month, I had people who walked up to me and said, “Hey… you’re Jess Creatives, right?” Most of them knew me from YouTube, but a few also knew me from Instagram. They KNEW me, because I showed up. You can’t know your next door neighbor if you don’t meet them. In this online world, we have to show up and show our faces, and stop hiding behind stock photos. 

Not everyone will like you, we learned this back in grade school. And you don’t need to try and make everyone like you in this online space. But, imagine two people with an identical product and an identical price.

One person comes across as boring and impersonal. The other is charming, interesting, and makes you feel good. Which one would you rather do business with? Obviously, the more charming one. Again, people can’t LIKE you if you keep hiding behind stock photos and showing up generically online. 

And when it comes to building trust, this is possibly the hardest to do on social media. Yes, testimonials can help build trust, but I don’t think they build enough trust by themselves. It’s when the testimonials are seen in the context of your offers, and your messaging, that they are most effective. It’s like cookie dough is good, but it’s better when you have chocolate chips in the dough with it. 

So that leads us into the second element, which is our messaging. Messaging is not just a matter of hiring a copywriter, although that can help. Your messaging is the common theme, and the easy-to-remember message that you say on social media and on your website.

If your messaging isn’t clear, you lose people. You confuse people. If your messaging doesn’t resonate with people, they’re not going to buy. This is why I work on the messaging with my clients –– it’s not enough to have a pretty website. There’s got to be strategy behind it, but also clear messaging. 

If you think people are just meandering around your website for fun, I hate to break it to you but… they’re not. They want help, they want a solution, and they want it yesterday. 

And since we’re talking about wanting a solution, that leads us to the final element: your offer. Before you say that you already have one, I want to challenge you––especially if you aren’t getting the clients you want. Your offer needs to be what your clients are looking for, and in their budget. And yes, we could talk about charging what you’re worth and communicating value correctly… but if you’re trying to get broke college students to pay you $8,000, we may need to have a conversation.

There’s probably some business coaches that would disagree with me saying this, but I think there’s a difference between stretching the budget, and like, no really, the bank account doesn’t have $20k in it to buy your offer, sorry. 

Okay, back to the offer.  It needs to be something that people actually want, not just what you think they need. As I mentioned in episode 85, I’ve made mistakes in my business, and some of those mistakes were creating things that people didn’t actually want. So, save yourself time and really talk to people about what they want help with!

Now, here’s why these three big elements must all co-exist. If people like and trust you, but don’t understand what it is you offer or don’t even want it, they won’t buy. If people don’t trust you, they’re not going to buy. This is why it’s so much more than just having a good-looking website for your business. This is why I focus so much on the strategy of your website, because we have to make sure it will help people know, like, and trust you. We have to make sure that your messaging is clear and doesn’t confuse people.

And as a reminder, we’ll be working on some of this in my upcoming challenge which you can join by going to jesscreatives.com/challenge. Or, if you’re listening to this and the challenge has passed, I always offer website audits. If you have questions about your website, just hop over and message me on Instagram, @jesscreatives, otherwise I’ll see you next week.

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