Maybe you’re a newly-established entrepreneur, or a small community church, or even a small business owner who is looking to bring in a few new customers. And you’re wondering why everyone is starting a blog. You wonder, do I need a blog?

Yes, you do! Why?

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Blogging about what’s relevant to your industry or to your audience will help to gain influence and become a leader. This won’t happen overnight, but as you blog more and more, people will (hopefully) come to your blog/website more. If they find your content valuable, they are likely to share it with their network. 

It will also help you to grow your network. Ever since I joined the Freelance to Freedom Community, it inspired me to blog more and more. There are several entrepreneurs in this online community that have either helped me or vice versa. There are some incredibly smart people in this group that I learn from all the time. Find an online group or community association to join that will allow you to network and possibly share your content!

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Blogging is also free marketing! Featuring clients, or your process, or just sharing relevant tips shows your audience that you know your stuff. Share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to get your content in front of more people. The more that people share your content, the more traffic that gets driven to your website. 

Still not sure about blogging? Here are a few examples:

Socks Love Rub Co. – a homemade spice company that blogs recipes to try using their spices!

Gwinnett Church – a local church that blogs about stories from their congregation, upcoming events and recent sermons!

Fleet Feet Sports – a shoe store that also holds events and training programs, and blogs about all things running or fitness related!

To help get you started, be sure to check out some of my other posts about ways to improve your blog (get it right from the start!), some places to get free stock photos, and why the overall design of your blog is SO important to your audience.

What questions do you have about blogging?

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