You want your website to stand out.

You want it to reflect you + your brand.

Sometimes that results in entrepreneurs making bad website choices – like making a flash website. (These type of websites are most commonly used among photographers because it helps protect their photos from being stolen off their website.)

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No matter what industry you’re in, if you have a flash website, you should really consider re-doing your website. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Search engines cannot read your content on a flash website. If Google can’t read you content, that means you won’t rank very high in SEO. Your website is the virtual home for your business, so if people can’t find you… it’s not likely they’ll hire you!
  • Flash websites can be expensive and tedious to maintain. You may work with a web designer to update your site, which means paying him/her for every update. While having a web designer is great, it shouldn’t have to be for every update. (Also, what if your designer disappears… with your files?)
  • Slow load times = people leaving your site. Flash rarely loads at the speed of an HTML site. You have about six seconds to engage with your audience and convince them to stay on your site. If your site doesn’t load in six seconds…..? Gone.
  • Flash websites are not mobile-friendly. If it’s not easy to look at on their smart phone, your audience is likely to leave. What makes a website mobile-friendly? Text that is readable without zooming, content sizes correctly so users don’t have to scroll horizontally, and links are far enough apart to be easily clicked.

So, what do you do next if you have a flash site? Simply put: move.

Hire someone to move your site from flash to a more popular platform – like WordPress or Squarespace. There are, of course, other options out there. But, WordPress and Squarespace are the two that you’re most likely to find support for, if/when it’s needed.

Curious to know more about the differences between WordPress and Squarespace?


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