Design plays a major role in how brands communicate their ideas, messages and value.

    The style, details and quality of design contribute to a brand’s overall image. This means that whether a brand wants to be perceived as high-end, relatable, feminine, cutting-edge, quirky or mature — it’s image has to align with that. And a seamless brand image starts with good design.

    People trust and relate with brands that understand the impact of thoughtful design. Why? Because brands with intentional design tend to consistently and clearly communicate their ideas, messages and value. People understand and relate with clear communication. People trust consistency.

    So, by default, people buy from brands with a well-designed image — which means that good design is, in fact, an investment.

    Let me explain a little more in this video.

    It’s okay if you’re unclear about whether or not you should invest in design for your brand. It might help to consider the following:

    • The type of clients/customers you’re attracting
    • How much you’d ideally like to charge for your products/services
    • And the amount of time and money you have spent or will spend on attempting to minimize design expenses.

    If you want to build a memorable brand that attracts your ideal clients, it might just be time to invest in design.

    Thinking about hiring a designer? I’ll help you!


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