WordPress and Squarespace are arguably the two most popular website platforms out there. Whether you’re just a food blogger, an entrepreneur, or a non-profit, either platform is a great option for you. I have experience using both, but I recommend Squarespace to almost all of my clients? Why? Because it’s less maintenance, and most find it easier to use.

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    With its ease of use, Squarespace is a great option for my clients. The number one complaint I hear from my clients is that they don’t have enough time to do everything in their business. With that in mind, the simplicity of Squarespace is a great solution for many of my clients. I want my clients to feel comfortable updating their site – nothing is worse than an outdated website!

    Let’s look at some of the differences:


    • A little more of a learning curve for users
      • Lots of available forums and online community
    • Plugins available, but must install (some cost)
      • Make sure your plugins are compatible; often need updating
    • Have to buy a theme
      • Make sure it’s a reputable theme; may need updating periodicially
    • Have to buy a domain and hosting separate
      • Will need to install and set-up WordPress on your web host


    • More intuitive interface
      • Forums available; support team very responsive
    • No plugins to install, but numerous widgets built-in
      • Can integrate outside programs for pop-ups, analytics, heat maps, etc.
    • No need to buy themes, several options included
      • One-click install, can easily switch between at any time
    • No hosting, domain included (or can connect already existing)
      • One-stop shop for hosting, domain, commerce, and blogging.

    Benefits and features of Squarespace:

    Since Squarespace is not as widely used as WordPress, not all are aware of some of what’s possible on Squarespace. Here are some of my favorite features:

    • Different tiers of membership. Don’t need a shop? Don’t pay extra for it. Want more pages or space? Upgrade.
    • Live preview of design changes. No need to even hit save, no refreshing, no going back and forth, etc. See the new fonts as you’re changing them.
    • Just a few clicks to add a product, or take donations. All integrated in the backend! (Even inventory and shipping!)
    • I know I listed the support options above, but it’s worth saying again. Squarespace help is amazing. They have user forums, live chat during business hours, AND if you need to send an email, you’ll usually get a reply with 1-2 days.
    • Easy integration with Mailchimp.
    • Despite what many people think, you can still get great SEO results when using Squarespace. (Almost half of my clients have found me via Google. I wrote a book about how to do it — get your copy right here.)

    Depending on your website knowledge and what you want to do, both WordPress and Squarespace are great options for your website. There are strong proponents for both platforms. Ultimately, it comes down to what YOU are comfortable with. It’s important for you and your business, that you are comfortable using and updating your website.

    Are you a WordPress or Squarespace user?

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