Raise your hand if you have ever thought, “Man, I wish more people would actually read my blogs or watch my videos.” My name is Jess and if you’re new here, I post weekly videos helping business owners save time and look good online, which is why today we’re going to figure out why no one is reading your blog, and how to get more blog readers. 

So the first reason that people might not be reading your blogs very much is, they’re not very helpful.

Now some of this is going to be some tough love and I’m sorry, but, you know, sometimes you just need to hear it.  This doesn’t mean that every single blog has to be a tutorial or a walk-through or step-by-step information, but is it giving them a tangible, practical advice? So for example, if you’re a career coach, you don’t don’t want to just write a blog post that’s like, here’s all the things you’re doing wrong with your job search. You would want to say, “So instead, do X, Y, Z.”

That will be more helpful, make people want to share, and help you get more blog readers. And you might think, “Well, but if I tell them this is wrong, you’d think that people would know to go do this instead.” But sometimes what is duh to you, is wow to someone else.

The second reason that people might not be coming back to your blog is it’s not well designed.

This could mean there’s too many ads, or pop-ups, the font could be too small, the font color could be too light. If people are distracted or they struggle to read your post, they’re going to give up, get confused or frustrated and be like, “I can find this information somewhere else.”

So that being said, make sure to minimize distractions to help you get more blog readers. I usually recommend your font size be around 12 to 14 point, and your font color should be either a dark gray or black. And a little bonus tip, make sure you’re using headings throughout your blog post. This helps break it up, and make it seem less overwhelming. So it’s not just huge paragraph after paragraph after paragraph.

And the third reason you might be struggling to get more blog readers, is that people don’t even know about it.

I know way too many people who will write a blog post, publish it and make one tiny little post about it on Facebook. And then they’re like, “Why is no-one reading my blog? I don’t understand how people get so many views a month.” There are millions and millions of blogs out there and one tiny little social media post is going to get lost so quickly. If you want to get more blog readers, you need to remind people that you have new content out there.

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