I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again – people. are. visual. No matter what industry you are in, people will respond better when you use visuals. I’ve talked about why you should use images on Twitter, and how to create better Instagram graphics – but you can’t forget about your blog! 

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    So, why is it important to have an image in every blog post?

    1. Extra SEO benefits: Utilize image alt tags correctly to get an extra SEO boost to your blog post. The words used on the image’s alt tag should convey the same information or serve the same purpose that the image would, not be stuffed with unnecessary keywords.

    2. Facebook preview: When you inevitably post your blog to Facebook, it will display the image from your blog. This image preview makes your post more likely to catch someone’s attention in the feed! 

    3. Pinterest: This may be the biggest + best reason to include images in your blog post. Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money than visitors from other referrals! AND, Pinterest has over 40 million monthly active users

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    Pinterest tip for Squarespace users

    For Squarespace users, there’s a simple trick to scheduling pins when you’re publishing new posts. (As well as other social media accounts, but we’re talking visuals + Pinterest right now!)

    First, make sure your Pinterest account is connected, and you’ve chosen a Pinterest board under the Push Target headline.

    Write your brilliant blog post, and add your images. Under the Options tab at the top (when editing your blog post), you’ll see a place to add a thumbnail. Upload the image that you want to be pinned.

    Finally, switch over to the Social tab. You’ll see that you can toggle on or off which social media channels you want your blog post pushed out to once it’s published. You can even customize what the caption will say! Your pin will link to your blog post with the thumbnail image you chose. (Work smarter, not harder!)

    Join my group Pinterest board!

    Want a place to pin your business-related blogs? I’ve created a Pinterest board just for you! What do you need to do to join? Just send me your email address (comment below, on Pinterest, Facebook, pigeon carriers, etc.) and I’ll send you an invite. You don’t get added to an email list or anything, just a group Pinterest board open to anyone!

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