If you’re a business owner, you probably have a website, but it might just be sitting there – so let’s talk about how to increase website sales conversions. Or maybe if you’re working on starting your business, you’re probably thinking about how you need to create a website. So that’s why we’re talking about websites today. And I’ve been in Facebook groups before where people ask, when should you create a website? Or, should you have a website? When do I need to have one? At what point in my business?

And there are a lot of people who say things like, oh, you should just focus on a Facebook group. Or, just build up your Instagram. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some social media. I get a lot of clients from social media. But you do not own those followers. I know several dietitians and personal trainers who have a strong Instagram presence with tens of thousands of followers, which is incredible. Honestly, it is. But with algorithms and such, you could totally lose all of that.

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For example, do y’all remember the video platform called Vine? It wasn’t really used by business owners. It was kind of the fun non-business part of the Internet. And there were Vine stars. People who had millions of followers on Vine. And then Twitter, who owned Vine at some point decided to shut Vine down in 2016. Gone, totally gone. And some of those Vine stars actually became actors. Some had to start over on YouTube or Instagram. But that’s the thing. They had to start over.

And I don’t know any of those people personally. I never was on Vine. I don’t follow any Vine stars very closely now. So, they very well could have been growing their email list, or their platforms. But highly unlikely. Especially pertaining to growing their email list. They probably didn’t even have a website. Let’s be real. And I’ve talked about in previous episodes why you need a website. So that is not the point of today’s episode. But hopefully my little tangent about Vine is a good reminder of why you need to focus on more than just your social media presence.

I feel like there’s so many people who really get caught up in: I need 10,000 followers. I’m going to post every day on Instagram. I’m going to do all this work. I’m going to spend all this money on Facebook, and all that kind of stuff. It’s all good and great, but you cannot do all of that and just ignore your website. I’m passionate about helping other business owners make their website more profitable and increase website sales conversions. Not just because I’m a web designer, but because I got more leads from Google searches than social media last year.

Your website is, or could be a crucial part of your marketing. You need to stop treating your website like a stale brochure.

And more like a dynamic piece in your marketing. So what is the problem? Why is your website costing you money instead of bringing in money? And why is it not getting you clients?

First of all, if it’s just sitting there, that’s a big part of the problem.

You cannot just create a website and expect it to work magic in your business.

Like I said earlier, your website should be a dynamic piece of your marketing if you want to increase website sales conversions. Your website is not a stagnant thing. Now, this does not mean you need to change the theme every year. Please do not do that. Does not mean you need to rewrite your pages completely every single month. But you need to be updating pricing, adding testimonials, adding new features, and hopefully, adding new content.vIf you want to be showing up in Google searches for dietitians in your area, dietitians for moms, dietitians for IBS, whatever your focus is. If you want to be showing up in Google search results for those keywords, you need to create content, plain and simple.

If you are not creating content yet and you want to start my course, Content to Clients is open, which walks you through optimizing your website and start creating a content that converts to clients. So, go to the link in the show notes to join my list so you are the first to know when it’s open for enrollment. Now, if you are paying for your website every single month, which if you have a website, you’re paying for it. Why are you not using it to its full potential? Whether you are writing blogs, embedding YouTube videos or publishing podcast transcripts as blog posts, use content to drive people to your website. Your website might not be making you any money because it’s not providing any value. It’s not pulling any people in. You’re only pushing people to it for your services. It’s easier to push people to your services page after you have pulled them in and provided value.

The second reason your website sales conversions might not be great is that it lacks focus.

This is one of the biggest things that I have to talk about with my clients. If I come to your website, and I can’t tell what service you offer within five seconds, there’s a lack of focus. If I come to your website and there are five different buttons or calls to action on one page to, follow you on social media, or read your blog, join your Facebook group. There is a lack of strategy. On my client strategy calls, I’m always talking with my clients about what belongs on certain pages, and what doesn’t belong on other pages. Your website is not just a catch all for anything and everything. If you want it to bring you clients, you need to be intentional. So every thing that you add to your website, I want you to ask yourself if you are distracting people from hiring you, or buying a digital product. Or if you are keeping them on the right path.

The third reason your website might not be making you any money is that it doesn’t look like a business website.

This might be your website sales conversions main problem if you are transitioning from a blogger to a business owner. And that’s okay. It does take time to transition. It can be a little overwhelming. But don’t let this transition time go on for months, and months, and months. If you’re going to be a business owner, make that move. Dive in. The biggest difference here during this transition is just what I talked about a few minutes ago, focusing. So if you are transitioning from blogger to business, you should not have your most recent blog posts on your homepage. Again, website strategy is something I also dive into inside my Content to Clients course. But even if you are not a blogger, maybe you are a business owner, and you are fully considering yourself one. You act like one.

  • Does your website actually reflect that?
  • Does it look professional?
  • Are you using selfies on your website, or do you have professional photos?
  • Does your copy sound professional?
  • Do you have links to press features?
  • Is your website speed fast?
  • Is your site responsive?
  • Do you have testimonials?
  • Do you have really clear, specific ways that people can work with you?

If you didn’t say yes to every single one of those questions, you need to work on your website.

It doesn’t mean that you have to overhaul it completely and start from scratch, but you just need to work on it to increase website sales conversions. So to recap, your website’s not going to bring you money if it’s just sitting there not providing value. It’s not going to bring you money if it lacks focus. And it’s not going to bring you money if it doesn’t look professional. Yes, social media is important. It’s an incredible way to build your brand online and connect with potential clients, but it’s not the only piece. If you have website questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram. I’m happy to chat with you and help you figure out where you might need to improve your website.

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