Why isn’t your website bringing you clients? Why isn’t your website making you money? If you spent all this time and energy into creating a website for your business… shouldn’t it start doing something to grow your business?

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    First, it might be because your website is just sitting there… you’re not driving people to it, and not providing value to your audience. You need to be updating your website with pricing, new testimonials, and case studies. But most of all, you need to be producing content that provides value and draws people into your website.

    Second, it might be because your website is not clear. Are you confusing people? Are you trying to attract too many people or offer too many things? It needs to be really clear what you offer.

    Lastly, it might be because your website isn’t professional. Do you look like a blogger instead of a professional? You need to look and sound like a professional if you want to be bringing in clients.

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