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Last week on the podcast, we talked about what you need to focus on to start getting clients, but this week I want to talk about why you might be attracting the WRONG clients. And by wrong clients, I mean attracting clients that don’t value you, that frustrate you, and that you’re just not passionate about working with. If you’re new here, I’m your host Jess Freeman, and I help health and fitness professionals get better clients through their website. And speaking of websites, The Better Collective is an online community I created to help business owners like you leverage your website to build authority and get clients. We have monthly workshops and a Facebook group, but enrollment is closing in just a few days. You can learn more at jesscreatives.com/better.

So, a few weeks ago I was listening to a podcast, and the whole point of this guy’s business is getting people to build memberships. This one episode I listened to was about transitioning from 1:1 services to a membership. And like any normal marketer, he started talking about all of the downfalls with working 1:1, and honestly, the reasons were crap. 

The reason I am bringing this up is because some of these reasons do fall on you as the business owner and how you’re running your business, but some of these can be the clients you’re attracting. So I want to talk about the difference. 

Two of the first problems he mentioned with 1:1 services were that you’re exchanging time for money, and you’re limited based on how much you can work on at one time. These are just facts, it’s nothing to do with you or your clients. 

Some other problems he listed were that 1:1 business owners usually get tired of doing the same tasks, and they’re not able to do their best work because they don’t get to control the type of work they do. If this sounds like you, I’m sorry but this is not your client’s fault. This is 100% on you. You are the business owner, you get to decide what type of work you do. If you don’t want to do meal plans, don’t do meal plans, and take that crap off your website today. 

But, then he started talking about how clients essentially become your new boss, and that clients usually have demanding deadlines. If your clients are bossing you around and controlling the timelines, these are not the type of clients you want. This also partially falls on you if you’re not acting like you’re in charge and setting the boundaries. But, these types of clients do not respect you or value your expertise.

So let’s talk about the three reasons why you are attracting the wrong clients that are not respecting your time, your expertise, and the value that you bring… 

The first thing I would look at is your offer and pricing. In my own personal experience, having a client who only wanted to pay $100 for something was way more demanding and complicated than a client who paid me a couple thousand dollars. I’m not saying that you need to just go raise your prices and charge everyone $5,000. But people who do invest a little more typically do so because they trust the person more, which also usually means that they’re going to question or doubt you less during the process.

I’ve seen in so many different industries over the years, that when people try to have a super low-priced offer or run a sale, they usually get people who are super nit-picky, or ask 200 questions, and keep trying to get more bang for their buck.

And maybe you’re thinking, yeah I’ve tried to raise my prices and it didn’t work. My clients don’t have the budget to invest in my services. Well, that leads us to the second thing we’re going to talk about: your lack of authority. If you aren’t positioning yourself as a leader in your industry, and really, in your niche, you’re not going to attract those premium clients. There are three ways to build authority through your website, and one of the easiest is content creation. What’s the thing you could talk about for an hour without any prep? That’s what you need to start blogging or podcasting about. 

This leaves us with the third reason you’re probably attracting the wrong clients: your messaging. Your messaging is confusing people, so they think they’re a good fit and then… turns out they’re not. Or your messaging makes you sound like an amateur, instead of a leading professional in your industry, which also goes back to not being willing to invest in your services. 

Do you want to spend $500 with an award-winning, nationally featured web designer who specializes in working with health and wellness professionals to help them get better clients, OR do you want to spend $500 with… a web designer? 

That’s the power of building authority, and nailing down your messaging. And that can’t be accomplished through a few squares on Instagram. This authority is built through your website, where you can highlight your mentions in the media and drive traffic to your educational content. 

As a reminder, registration to join The Better Collective community is closing in a few days. So if you need help leveraging your website to build authority and get better clients, I’d love to have you join us! Hop over to jesscreatives.com/better to get all the details. If you have any questions about your own website, DM me on Instagram, @jesscreatives, and I will see y’all next week.