No one sees my posts.

I don’t get any reach.

I feel like I’m losing out on new clients because of Facebook.

I think we can all agree that Facebook’s algorithm has been frustrating for business pages.

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I know there are social media experts out there that will tell you how to work magic on your Facebook page so you can make millions. I’m not here to do that (because I haven’t even made millions… on anything). I’m here to give you tips on marketing outside of Facebook.

Learn the basics

There IS truth to being smart about posting on Facebook. Your Facebook page has Insights that will show you the best time to post. There are also LOTS of resources that will teach you the best content to post on your page. Only posting quotes? Not the best route to go. Only posting promotions for your latest sale/giveaway? Not the best route to go. It’s all about balance. I learned a ton about social media and content from Jackie Johnstone.

The problem is… you CANNOT rely only on Facebook for your marketing and/or to bring in clients. You can’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Facebook essentially owns your page and your audience, they could delete your page or your fans, or do whatever they want, at any time. Take it into your own hands.

Focus on your website

Your website is YOURS (okay, so maybe it’s on a service like WordPress or Squarespace, and they can still pull it down, but you have more say than you do on Facebook). Optimize your website – make it user-friendly, make it mobile-responsive, use keywords, entice your  ideal clients.

Work with a professional designer if need be, talk to an SEO expert that can optimize your site to bring in more clients – or do your own research on SEO. Blog if you can/want – that’s been known to help bring in more people to websites. Don’t believe me? Every month, I have more people come in to my site through Google than Facebook or Twitter. (And I’ve never worked with an SEO expert.)

Use other social media channels

I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly. I also do some business promotion on G+ and LinkedIn. The last two are basically automated – links to my blog posts are auto-posted on these channels. They don’t get much attention or interaction, so this is why I don’t focus my energy on those sites.

You don’t need to be on every site, only where your ideal audience is at. If you’re only using Facebook now, start slow. No need to go sign up for three more social media sites. Do some research, find another one that your audience is active, and join. If Facebook is the only place your audience is active, then you are one lucky person and can skip this step 😉

Get an email list

I resisted the idea of a mailing list for a long time… what would I send? Why did I need one? There is a lot of NOISE in our Facebook and Twitter feeds. The whole point of this post is to help you reach your clients because many are frustrated that their posts are not being seen! But, your name RIGHT in a client/potential client’s inbox? Golden.

Don’t be intimidated by setting up an email list. Sign up for Mailchimp – it’s free! Put the link for signing up out there to your audience. Bonus tip: create a freebie for them to receive as a thank-you for signing up. Decide how often you’ll send an email (at least once a month). Then, SEND an email! Show a behind-the-scenes of a recent project, or share a how-to. Provide value and show your clients/potential clients that they can trust you and hire you.

So, there you have it.

Be smart on Facebook, focus on your website, join other social media channels, and get an email list. Do these things, and you don’t have to be as stressed about the Facebook algorithm. Yes, I still post consistently on my Facebook business page, and I get “okay” engagement – but I focus on my energy on the other channels listed above, and consistently get new clients.

Have any tips for other ways to market your business online?

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