Learn how to create content that converts!

Content creation is hands-down the most effective way to build your business, so you can reach more people, attract new leads, and convert more clients!

Content to Clients is the 60-day program for the business owner
who wants a more profitable business.


Create content that repeatedly brings in clients


Create a realistic plan to show up online


Finally have a consistent income every month

“Working with Jess changed my business. After working with Jess on my rebrand, our clients know who we are before they walk in our door, they know the type of event they can expect from us, and the quality of service that we are going to provide. We now book 80% of the leads we receive from our website, and I credit much of that to our web presence.”
– Ashley Stork, wedding planner

“The brand that Jess helped me create has allowed me to book about 7-8+ speaking events each year, and since working with her, I’ve gained over 2400 new social media followers, and I’m nearing my first 1,000 email subscribers!” 
– Kristen Ekiss, health and fitness coach

What our group calls will cover:


Website Strategy

You’ll choose one of the four client personalities, and learn how to design your site to get those ideal clients to hire you!

You’ll learn how the personalities of your ideal clients influence what they’re looking for when they come to your website.

Website Goals and Planning

You’ll choose one of the three website goals, and then optimize your site’s content to meet that goal.

Different goals mean different layouts, different elements, and different pages. It even affects the header and footer of your website.

Creating the Best Content

You’ll learn the four parts to themed content and how to to optimize it for more sales and clients.

Can’t decide if you should blog, video, or podcast? We’ll talk about that, too! (And, how to create a system + schedule for each.)

SEO Deep-Dive and Audit

Optimizing your site for search means more potential clients could see your content, meaning your content will have a longer shelf life.

Even re-optimize older content that you know is good! SEO isn’t just something to consider moving forward.

PR and Social Media Strategy

Learn how to promote your content and services online effectively WITHOUT buying ads. Ads aren’t bad, but you may not have the budget to do them consistently, right?

We’ll also dive into how you can spend less time on Pinterest and Instagram, but see a higher client conversion on those platforms.

Email Marketing Implementation

We’ll talk about what goes into a sales funnel for your digital products and services. Have a plan, and make email work for you.

Whether you just need a welcome series, want a funnel for a specific product, or both – you’ll learn that email doesn’t have to be icky.

“Working with Jess took my business to the next level. I started consistently booking my ideal client, and my revenue has increased at least 25% in the last two years.” 
– Amanda Bringham, wedding photographer

Why you can no longer afford to ignore content marketing:


Studies show that content marketing has BOTH lower up-front costs and deeper long-term benefits.


Content marketing generates three times the leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.


Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.


Websites with blog content is end up with 434% more search engine-indexed pages than other entrepreneurs that don’t publish content.

This is for you if you want
to learn how I:

– Was featured in over 40 podcasts and publications (including Glamour magazine!) in ONE year
– Have had a consistent 3-4 month waitlist for four years
– Got brands to pay me to produce content when I had less than 1,000 followers on social media
– Have produced over 300 blog posts, 250 videos, and two podcasts as a one-woman business
– Landed clients like Chick-fil-A and Pat Flynn

Just imagine…

Not being ashamed to send people to your website

Having more money and opportunities at your disposal

Having a plan for getting your name in front of clients

Feeling comfortable emailing your list consistently

Making more money to pay off debt and have more fun

April 2 – May 21

$697, or three payments of $247

Group workshops and Q&A every Tuesday at 2 p.m. EST (replays available)

Private mastermind Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback

Only 20 spots available!

Who is this for?

– Coaches, creatives, and service-based entrepreneurs who are 2-4 years into their business
– Those who want to start blogging, creating videos, OR recording podcasts (or be better at it)
– People who need help understanding the basics of SEO for their website and content
– Business owners who don’t get much traffic, and don’t know how to reach the right audience.

Who is this NOT for?

– Product-based businesses, brick-and-mortar businesses, or bloggers who aren’t businesses
– Those who have no interest in creating blogs, videos, or podcasts for their business
– People who are confident in their online marketing systems and website strategies
– Business owners who don’t care about SEO, who already have engagement on social media, and have consistent clients

There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decided to believe in themselves.

“I totally appreciate your unobtrusive approach. I’ll just never forget how you took the time to answer some of my questions when I first found you through YouTube. I just knew then that you had a generous heart and that you truly cared about people, and I love working with people like that!

I’ve never felt like you’ve given me a “hard sell,” and I totally appreciate your unobtrusive approach. You don’t need to do a hard sell, to me at least. Your work and spirit speak for themselves.”

– Mollie McPhee, photographer

Is this a course?

Nope. This is a small group coaching program, with live calls and a private Facebook group.

What if I haven't created content?

That’s okay! We’ll talk about which content channel might be best for you, and how to create a system for consistency.

What if I've worked with you before?

Just because you have a website or brand created by me (or any other professional), doesn’t mean your business is setup for success. You need to have a marketing and content plan in place to bring in consistent clients.

What if I can't make the calls?

Totally fine. All of the calls will be recorded, and you’ll receive a replay.

What if I don't have a website?

We’ll talk about website strategy and goals, so that will give you a foundation to start creating yours.

Are there refunds?

Due to the setup of this program, and that all teaching is live, there are no refunds. What’s the worst that can happen? Make some new friends and learn a few new things!

“My brand was lacking consistency before working with Jess, but now I’m finally sharing my brand consistently, and I’m seeing growth – we’ve doubled the number of our spa locations!”
– Liz, Puff and Fluff

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