This is for you if you know HOW to do (most) things, but you’re juuuust not sure if it looks right.

What’s included?

Seven business days (a.k.a. no weekend help) of direct Slack access to me to ask questions. Not an assistant. Not a robot. ME.

You can use this week to ask questions about:
– Your brand
– Your website
– Your YouTube channel
– Your podcast

Ask for my opinion, ask how to do something, ask “What else am I missing?!?!”

You will not get: me logging into your site for you, design work done by me, etc. And, no phone calls included.

Give me the nitty gritty details

The Slack access is charged per week at $100/week. You can buy one week, and add-on as needed, or buy multiple weeks upfront.

Slack access is Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST. You will get a response within 1-3 hours. Most of the time, you can expect it within the hour. But, I am human and have client calls and doctor’s appointments ?