Episode #55: Lauren Carnes

Show notes:

  • Lauren has a background in marketing, public relations and social media management
  • Now, Lauren provides photography, communications strategy, copywriting, visual communications and coaching
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t feel like you have to fit in or be cookie-cutter
  • Do the things that you are enthusiastic about, and that bring you the most joy

Connect with Lauren: www.laurencarnes.com


Episode #053: Lauren Frontiera

Show notes:

  • Creator of The Real Female Entrepreneur Podcast (previously Grit and Glitter)
  • Take time (maybe a full week!) to brainstorm for your biz
  • Sharing your story can empower others in their journey
  • Be proud of yourself, celebrate the small things
  • Just START – it’s better than asking, “what if?” later on

Connect with Lauren: https://therealfemaleentrepreneur.com

Episode #052: Kyla Roma

Show notes:

  • Kyla is a business strategist, who focuses on profitability and marketing
  • If you work with your spouse, having clear roles and responsibilities is helpful
  • The more you wear yourself down, the less creative you’re going to feel
  • Sunk Cost Fallacy: The more you invest in something, the more we value it – and sometimes that’s not a good thing
  • Find a mentor that has a business background

Connect with Kyla: http://www.kylaroma.com

Episode #051: Jereshia Hawk

Show notes:

  • Helps women build additional income streams
  • Walking in your truth can empower those around you
  • Hustled to create an online store to pay for her school
  • Wants to increase the representation of women of color in higher leadership roles
  • Don’t wait for certain numbers / influence to start effecting change
  • Have patience in business, and ask for help
  • Corporate Dropout is a five-week online course to help those transitioning in their job

Connect with Jereshia: www.jereshiahawk.com

Episode #050: Kristin Kaplan

Show notes:

  • Kristin is a wedding planner, pricing strategist, and co-runs the Wedding Business Bosses program
  • Niching down to a really specific subject, and it’s easier for people to remember you
  • Trust the long-game, business is not an overnight venture – most businesses take 3-5 years to really be profitable
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes in your business, don’t be afraid to fail
  • When pricing yourself, just look at what you need to cover bills, and what will make YOU happy

Connect with Kristin: http://kristinkaplan.com

Episode #049: Sara Christensen

Show notes:

  • If we can change our day to day, that adds up to a better life
  • We often get focused on making others happy, and lose sight of keeping ourselves happy
  • We were given lessons (through failure and pain) to share and help others
  • Learn about accounting, don’t ignore the numbers in your business
  • Sell one product at a time – perfect it, perfect the funnel, and then start repeating the process

Connect with Sara: https://sarachristensen.com

Episode #048: Ashley Cox

Show notes:

  • Ashley is a certified HR partner for creative entrepreneurs
  • Legally, you should not be training contractors – only employees
  • Don’t be a roadblock to your client’s success
  • You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing
  • Shut out some of the noise, and only listen to those you truly trust
  • If something doesn’t directly support your goals, don’t buy it, sign up for it, etc.

Connect with Ashley: http://sprouthr.co

Episode #047: Becky Mollenkamp

Show notes:

  • Becky previously worked at a magazine, then wrote for other corporate clients, and is now moving into mentoring
  • Changes in the economy caused changes in the magazine industry, which made Becky pivot
  • Prepare for the ebbs and flows that come with running your own business
  • You never know what is going on behind the scenes for other ‘successful’ people
  • Treat your business like a business, from the beginning!

Connect with Becky: http://beckymollenkamp.com

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