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Looking for a dedicated space to find collaborations without the fuss?

Well, pop the champagne, because guess what?

You’ve just found The Link!

Connect Deeper.

Collaborate Smarter.

Discover The Link – an exclusive forum and directory tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs who are strategically navigating the online business space.



Collaborate with Ease

Gone are the days of endless searching and hoping for the right collab. Within The Link, we believe in making quality connections. This community can help you:

  • find podcast and summit guests
  • land speaking opportunities
  • attract affiliate partners
  • get more client referrals
  • grow your list of bundle contributors
  • find JV webinar partners
  • become a community guest expert
  • brainstorm ideas with fresh perspectives

Growth Minus the Tech Headache

Why constantly spend time on figuring out ads when you can leverage genuine connections? At The Link, we champion smart growth. By collaborating and swapping audiences with businesses that align with yours, growth feels more organic and meaningful.


Connections Over Content

Ever felt like the best conversations happen in rooms you’re not in? Well, step into our ever-buzzing forum. It’s like that cozy café corner where brilliant minds gather, but it’s online. No scheduled calls, just ongoing chats filled with folks you’ll wish you’d met years ago.


Boosted Visibility

Crafted to push your business forward, each quarterly challenge is more than just a fun contest—it’s your route to increased exposure and a chance to revel in shared achievements, all while staying motivated and on-track.

Have you ever noticed how, as businesses grow and calendars become packed, the intention to network collaborate often gets relegated to the ‘maybe later’ pile?

At The Link, we champion a different approach. Here, we prioritize connection over hustle.

Why? Because real growth is rooted in collaboration. When we connect authentically, we open doors to opportunities that go beyond the surface level. We’re talking about collaborations that don’t just tick a box but add real value to our businesses and personal growth.

Join us, and transform your ‘maybe later’ into a thriving ‘let’s do this now.’

How We Roll at The Link

Before diving in, members agree to our full set of guidelines – but here’s a sneak peek at a few.

Be Awesome to Each Other

The Link thrives on diversity! Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, regardless of your industry, experience, sexual orientation, pronouns, or background, you belong here. Let’s make everyone feel at home. Keep conversations kind and respectful, valuing everyone’s experiences and views.

All Collaborations Welcome

We’re all about fostering connections. Whether it’s swapping email lists, becoming affiliates, setting up client referrals, guest speaking gigs, social media shares, co-creating products/offers, or more, feel free to explore our directory to find your next collab! 

Honor the Courage

Diving into collaborations often requires a leap of faith. It’s not just about merging ideas, but also about intertwining hearts, dreams, and ambitions. Feedback, when asked for, is a precious gift. But always remember to offer it with care and kindness. This is a space for mutual respect and for nurturing the spirit of true collaboration.

Join The Link – where business isn’t just usual, it’s exceptional. We’ve got the vibes and the vision to make your collaboration dreams come true.

Access to this glittering hub of opportunities? Just a breezy $97/month.

If you’ve been looking for:

  • More visibility and business exposure
  • Organic business growth and website traffic
  • Opportunities served on a silver platter (minus the headache)

Then it’s time to secure your spot!


Q4 2023: Connection Countdown


Q1 2024: Pitch-Palooza


Q2 2024: Masterclass Marathon

Step into a world where networking is fun, chances are abundant, and each link unlocks potential.

This could be you:

Sign up and join a community eager to share opportunities.

Book a coffee chat with another collaborator, Jane.

Jane has you on her podcast and connects you to another podcaster.

That person connects you to a friend who needs a guest speaker.

Keep making connections, and repeating the cycle!


Frequently Asked Questions

Tell it to me straight, what is The Link?

This is a community + forum that is centered around collaborations. You get to share your own opportunities + see what other opportunities your new friends have… podcast spots, speaking opportunities, etc.

Is there a long-term commitment?

Nope! While I recommend trying it out for at least a few months to see traction, there’s no contract and you can cancel anytime.

Are there any tools or platforms used within "The Link" that I should be familiar with?

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with Circle, where the community is hosted. But, that’s it!

Who is a good fit for the group?

B2B business owners who:

  • have an audience or platform they’re willing to share (online community, podcast, social media, etc.)
  • are actively looking to grow their visibility and reach

How does the collaboration process work within the community?

The collaborations are self-initiated and self-controlled. You can share your applications and sign-up forms as opportunities arise. It’s between you and your collaborator to work out the details.

What *exactly* am I getting inside?

This community does not have any monthly training or group calls, etc. This is a place for networking, collaborations, and discussion. You’re getting access to other business owners who are intentionally seeking collaborations and willing to share your stuff with their audience.

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