How to Utilize Facebook Groups

Transcript So if you are considering opening a Facebook group for your business, today's episode is for you because we're going to be talking about how to start leveraging Facebook groups to get more clients. Now, while you're listening to today's episode, go ahead,...

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How to Get More PR for Your Health and Wellness Business

Jess: Hey, Brittney, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. Why don't you introduce yourself. Tell us about what you do, and all that kind of fun stuff. Brittney Lynn: Of course. So, I do PR for primarily online entrepreneurs. Some of my clients they do have...

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When is it Time to Rebrand?

Transcript So a lot of people come to me saying, "You know, I'm not getting the clients I need. I think I need to rebrand my business." And, sometimes I think, well maybe it's not the brand that's the problem here. But, there are definitely moments in every business...

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Should You Use Thumback and Yelp?

Transcript I have seen a lot of online trainers asking if they should be using Thumbtack and Yelp in their business so today we are diving into these two platforms and whether or not to use them in your own business. Before I jump in, just a little reminder that if...

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How to Handle Pricing and Payments as a Personal Trainer

Transcript Today we are talking about pricing, everyone's favorite topic, right? Probably not because I know so many people, unfortunately, struggle with this in a few different ways. But I also think it's interesting that so many of us struggle with pricing, and...

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How to Niche Down Your Wellness Business

Transcript Jess: Hey, Libby. Thank you so much for being here. Libby: Absolutely. Well, thank you again for having me. I was thrilled to have you on my podcast, and I'm happy to be here today. My name is Libby Rothschild. I am nutrition_business on Instagram, and you...

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How to Start Using Branded Merchandise

TRANSCRIPT: Hey everyone, welcome back. So I just want to get something out in the open. I am a T-shirt junkie. When I first started designing in college, a lot of my projects at first were just designing T-shirts for different clubs and organizations on campus, maybe...

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How to Build a Tribe Online with Social Media

Transcript Jess: Hey Nicki. Thank you so much for being here!  I brought you on today because I want you to talk about building your tribe because I know this is something you are amazing at. But first, let's let the audience know who you are, what you do, all that...

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