How sassy is your SEO? 😎

5 Therapist Website Must-Haves to Grow Your Practice

If you're a therapist working on a website for your therapy business, don't miss this episode (and stay tuned for a bonus tip at the end). There are a few things I see missing on SO many therapy websites that could help grow your practice and have happier clients. Or...

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SEO and Storytelling

Or watch the video here: Want to increase your SEO and time spent on your website? Let's talk about how storytelling can be beneficial. We're all familiar with storytelling is good because it makes your post nice to read and...

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Sales Page Examples (and Strategies to Test This Year!)

Struggling with your sales page conversions? In this episode, I'm going to cover a few things you can A/B test on your sales page this year, and then further down in the post, I'll give you some examples of great sales pages. Sales page strategies I know sales pages...

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Walking Pad Treadmill: My New Favorite Office Accessory

A few weeks ago, I heard a friend talking about her new walking pad that she got for her home office. As someone who works from home as a web designer, I find it difficult to get in much "movement" outside of the gym. There's no water cooler or meeting rooms to walk...

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Thinkific vs WordPress for Hosting Courses

Or watch the video here: So you've decided to get into courses or memberships, but you can't decide if you should use Thinkific or put it on your current website. In this episode, I'm going to share what I think is the best...

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Practice Better: The Ultimate Guide and Q&A

Practice Better is the complete nutrition practice management platform for health and wellness professionals, particularly private practice dietitians! Practice Better (aff. link) offers client management, scheduling, billing, programs and courses, telehealth...

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