How to Niche Down Your Wellness Business

Transcript Jess: Hey, Libby. Thank you so much for being here. Libby: Absolutely. Well, thank you again for having me. I was thrilled to have you on my podcast, and I'm happy to be here today. My name is Libby Rothschild. I am nutrition_business on Instagram, and you...

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How to Start Using Branded Merchandise

TRANSCRIPT: Hey everyone, welcome back. So I just want to get something out in the open. I am a T-shirt junkie. When I first started designing in college, a lot of my projects at first were just designing T-shirts for different clubs and organizations on campus, maybe...

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How to Build a Tribe Online with Social Media

Transcript Jess: Hey Nicki. Thank you so much for being here!  I brought you on today because I want you to talk about building your tribe because I know this is something you are amazing at. But first, let's let the audience know who you are, what you do, all that...

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Save Yourself Time With These Typeform Integrations

Transcript: Today, I wanted to talk about automation, because I cannot be the only person that loves to automate some things. Anybody else obsessed with automatic billing or when they just draft your checking account every month? Thank you. I actually ran into a...

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Four Steps to Creating Health and Wellness Info Products

Transcript: Hey everyone. Welcome back. I was sitting in the grocery store parking lot this past weekend waiting to pick up my ClickList order when I realized something. If you don't know what ClickList is, basically we can order our groceries online. A Kroger...

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