You know your website could use some work.

But, it doesn’t really need an entire overhaul. You’ve got it designed, you have all the content. You need someone to help you smooth out the edges.

You really just want to feel proud of your website, and start seeing it convert more visitors into clients!

You can do all that with a creative website strategy session – and without breaking the bank.

You need a Website Game Plan!

Each review is done during a one-hour live video call where we’ll walk through your site to discuss edits, and so you can ask questions. We’ll cover:

Page titles and keywords for SEO benefits


Page organization and layout

Color changes to boost conversions

Font changes to match your brand personality


Recommended plugins for extra functionality


Adjust content headings and layout

Image quality and choices

Mobile-view adjustments that need to be made

What’s included:

  1. Your option of a one-hour Skype call, or a recorded/downloadable video going through edits
  2. PDF with an outline of specific changes that need to be made on the website
  3. Two weeks of support to ask questions via email

I had the BEST call yesterday with Jessica! She did a website review & consult to give me some design pointers on what to fix, what’s working, and even some really cool tricks for making some things work that I didn’t think would. Best money I have EVER spent in my business, hands down.

- Kate Rufener

Skip the waitlist and talk with the Website Advisor, for only $199!

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