Get a designer’s eye on your site that will help you look more professional and increase sales––without the large investment.

You can optimize what you have quickly, and not have to wait weeks or months for a designer.

That’s where I come in!

Even if you love your website, people might not love being on your website… which means less revenue.

You can do all that with a website audit––and without breaking the bank.

Especially during this pandemic, for those that are pivoting their offers or having to revamp their business model entirely, the audit will make sure that your website still makes sense after you’ve changed things.

Because it doesn’t work to just slap a new product up on a site or use a pop-up and expect that one little “change” to make it all work. 😬

“I 10/10 recommend getting a website audit. This was my second one, and both have honestly been more valuable than any “free” training or webinar I’ve watched on creating a website. For both, I already had a website in place, that I designed, but I knew the site wasn’t converting leads or functioning as well as it could. Not only did Jess tell me what needed to be done, she outlined exactly how to do it. I’m no website expert, but I followed her directions and was able to implement all of the changes without much stress. She also explained the “why” behind the changes, which helped me understand the bigger picture and will be in my mind as I grow my website in the future. Even if you are happy with your website, I highly recommend the audit because you never know what more your website can do or how you can be increasing SEO more (yep, that was included too)!”    – Erin Judge, dietitian

After your audit, your website will:

Not have any broken links that end up confusing people


Be organized in a way that converts more viewers into clients

Look like you spent thousands on a web designer

Be more likely to rank in Google search results thanks to improved backend and on-page SEO


Be safe from hackers and
load pages faster

Look great on everybody’s phone, since that’s where most people look at your website anyway

What’s included:


Comprehensive Deep-Dive Critique

Get a 3-4 page PDF with specific edits (snippet shown right).

– Recommended plugins
– SEO keyword audit
– Layout suggestions
– Content edits
– Color and photo changes


Two weeks of support

Ask any follow-up questions via email.

Skip the waitlist and get your website in tip-top shape, for only $900!

I could not be more pleased or thrilled with my audit. Jess provided an incredibly detailed list of changes and steps on how to make those changes. I am so thankful for Jess, her insight, and guidance on updating my website! I am so in love with how it turned out and can’t believe how easy it was to do thanks to her suggestions!

- Katie Spada

I was having a really hard time with clarity in my message within the confines of a scannable website. Jess pushed me to dig deep. But honestly, invest the money and have her design the whole website for you. I wish I had done that from the start.

- Amanda Wikan

I had the BEST call yesterday with Jessica! She did a website review & consult to give me some design pointers on what to fix, what’s working, and even some really cool tricks for making some things work that I didn’t think would. Best money I have EVER spent in my business, hands down.
- Kate Rufener

Jess gave me an alternative solution so that I could keep my passive income link but also still focus on my main audience. Her comments were very thorough and I was given a lot of feedback.

- Carrie Weitzel

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