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    Five Big Website Misconceptions You Should Ignore

    On the internet today, everybody has an opinion. In the world of creative entrepreneurship, many of those opinions relate to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to websites. With all these opinions floating around, it can be tough to differentiate credible...

    WordPress or Squarespace: Which Website Platform Is Better For SEO?

    There’s a whole lot of “talk” online about which website platform is the best for SEO. In fact, there’s so much noise out there, that it’s becoming harder and harder to make sense of it all, without having to become an SEO expert in the process. (Check out ALL of...

    SEO is a tricky beast, but I know that you’re ready to tackle it so you can get some more eyes on your website.

    I’m not only going to show you step by step EXACTLY how I got my own website on Google, but some other helpful SEO tactics. Squarespace has a bad rap for not having good SEO, but I’m proof that that rumor is false. I’ve ranked my website on the first page of Google, and it didn’t matter if I was on Squarespace or WordPress!

    Why should I trust you and buy this? Because I’m on the first page of Google. I didn’t pay anything or hire an “SEO guru” to do it. I did this myself, by using smart SEO tactics.

    Important: I show up on the first page of Google for my LOCAL keywords. But, I do also rank for my secondary (not location specific) keywords.

    This guide covers: placement of keywords, page SEO, blogging SEO, optimizing images, and back-end SEO.

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