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How I Use Google Apps to Stay Organized

Staying organized is obviously a big key to success as a service-based business owner. But with countless hats you need to wear to keep your business running smoothly (not to mention needing to manage multiple clients and maybe even contractors), staying on top of...

How Your Website Can Save You Time and Streamline Your Business

Sure, your website can make or break how potential clients perceive your brand -- but an effective website really does so much more for your business than simply look pretty. A good website prioritizes functionality (how the website actually functions) and the user...

A Look Inside Amanda Bucci’s Website

I’ve been doing mini website audits on my Instagram stories every other week, and also in-depth website reviews here on the blog (look at Annie’s here!). It’s not nearly as in-depth as what I do with clients, but I’ll still be taking a look at SEO, content, design,...

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