Video training and strategy

“My training with Jess set me up to successfully manage my YouTube channel on my own. She broke down the steps involved in uploading, scheduling, and publishing an edited video in an easy-to-understand manner, patiently answered my (many, MANY!) questions, and offered tips for everything from writing a successful caption to managing comments to researching hashtags to reading/understanding analytics. With her help, almost all of my videos are ranking in the top five!” – Jodi Brandon

Get rid of the overwhelm with a YouTube Power-up

YouTube has over a billion users. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched every. single. day. More and more entrepreneurs are starting to use video – how do you stand out? Better yet, how do you even get started?


Save time

Understand how to fully use YouTube from the get-go. Get a plan for how you can intentionally use YouTube in your business, and reach a new audience.

Grow your business

Marketers who use video increase their revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Let’s strategize about how you can use video to get clients!

Increase visibility

Viewers retain more of your message when they watch it in a video! Stand out in your community’s mind, and become the authority in your industry.

What’s included:

  • How to setup your YouTube channel
  • Design tips for your channel banner
  • What makes a good thumbnail
  • Tools to use with YouTube
  • How to get more subscribers
  • How to rank your videos in search
  • Best practices on YouTube
  • Content ideas for your channel
  • Potential sponsors you could work with

What’s the investment?

Each YouTube Power-up includes in a 1.5 hour Skype call to cover all of the above content, as well as two weeks email support for questions and feedback. The investment for one power-up call is $350.

How many potential clients are you missing out on?
Be more visible in your industry with the help of video.

Some resources to get you started:

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