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    How To Organize Multiple Offers on Your Website

    Break free from the confusion and tech overwhelm so you can learn how to organize your website to sell, even when you have multiple offers and your business grows.

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      You’re sick of messing with the fonts and “pretty” things on your website, and want to implement the tech and strategies  that will actually create a website that grows your business.

      Watch this free on-demand video workshop and discover the first steps to simplify your website and grow your online presence, so you can book more clients and sell more of your offers.

      What we’ll cover in this on-demand video workshop…

      • How to set up your website to sell more of what you want (instead of just earning you looky-loos who never buy…)
      • What content you need on your site to boost conversions (and the content you DON’T need!)
      • How to organize your site when you have multiple offers or products (so it doesn’t feel like an overflowing file cabinet of sticky notes you never got around to cleaning up!)

      I’m Jess Freeman, an award-winning designer and the owner of Jess Creatives. I’m committed to helping, including, and elevating business owners of all races, ages, and religions. I’m here to help you simplify and amplify your online presence, so you can get the results you’re really wanting for your business. I can’t wait to share my process for de-cluttering and future-proofing your website so you can focus on getting it more visible and using it to attract new clients!

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