Start your YouTube channel in five weeks!

“My training with Jess set me up to successfully manage my YouTube channel on my own. She broke down the steps involved in uploading, scheduling, and publishing an edited video in an easy-to-understand manner, patiently answered my (many, MANY!) questions, and offered tips for everything from writing a successful caption to managing comments to researching hashtags to reading/understanding analytics. With her help, almost all of my videos are ranking in the top five!” – Jodi Brandon

More than 500 million hours of YouTube videos are watched every. single. day. More and more entrepreneurs are starting to use video to connect with their audience – but, how do you stand out? Better yet, how do you even get started?

This course hands-on training will cover:

Setup and Recording

What kind of equipment do you need – if any? Where should you record? What goes into a great looking video?

Setting Up Your Channel

Start your channel on the right foot, and get all those boring (but important!) backend settings setup.

Growing Your Email List

 You’re a business, and you know that your email list is THE most important part. I’ll show you my strategy for growing my list.


Scripting Your Videos

 What do you even SAY in a video!? How do you keep people hooked, so they keep watching?

Optimizing Your Videos

 YouTube is the second largest search engine, let’s get your videos to the TOP of those search feeds!

Video Topics and Ideas

Not sure WHAT to even talk about!? Get video ideas for YOUR specific channel in this program!

How to Edit Videos

Let’s make editing EASY. I’ll train you on TWO editing softwares, so you can pick which one works for you.

Understanding Analytics

 Analytics are an important factor to pay attention to within your channel. I’ll show you the most important details.


Promoting Your Video

 The process doesn’t stop once the video is up. We’ll cover what steps to take after your video is live!

“My biggest fear was that it would all feel like too much work. But I feel empowered FAR more than I did before. The knowledge you have offered is truly helpful and not knowing where to begin was the hardest part – but now I know where to begin and feel like I can definitely make a YouTube channel of value. Your teaching is fantastic and I learned a lot from you that will help in ALL video areas (not just YouTube).” – Brianne Dosier

I’m Jess, an award-winning graphic and web designer, and the face behind Jess Creatives for the last seven years. I’ve been featured in over 35 publications, including Glamour Magazine! Being on YouTube hasn’t just helped my visibility, but also helped me stay booked out for MONTHS with clients in my business. Let’s make the same happen for you!

How does this work?

April 4 – May 2

We’ll meet for five weeks, on Wednesdays, April 4 – May 2. Specific meeting time in April TBD, based on group availability and schedules. Each call will be recorded and available for those who miss a call.

Only Six People

This will be a small, intimate group. During each call, everyone will have a chance to ask questions and help each other. With this small of a group, you’ll be able to get hands-on, specific help for your channel.

Facebook Group

We’ll have a private Facebook group for you to ask questions, post videos, and get quick feedback. The group will remain open for one month after the training ends, for continued support.

“Video seems like a huge undertaking when you have no idea what to do, but you’ve taken the beast that is “do more video!” and made it into a more manageable process in just a few weeks. I’m so excited to move forward and never would have without your insights!” – Aileen Axtmayer


Is this for me?

This program is best suited for those who do NOT already have a YouTube channel, but are ready to get it launched!


Is this a course?

NOPE. The goal for this hands-on training + accountability program is for you to record during our first week, and launch your channel by the end!


What if I don't want to start my channel right away?

That’s totally fine! That’s just the goal for this program, but you can use this information and launch your channel at a later point.

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