I don’t know why, but Facebook likes to torture me with ads for Fiverr (or Tailor Brands and other similar services). Why they have graphic designers in their ad targeting, I’m not sure.

I’ve written about why you should stop using Fiverr before, but it’s time to write a second post about this. Since my first post about this topic, I’ve seen even more people recommending Fiverr, or saying things like, “I refuse to spend more than $100 on branding. Who do you recommend?”

Note: before I go any further, I want to clarify something. If you are a blogger who just blogs as a hobby and you don’t want to monetize, OR you are part of a rural soccer team who just wants a logo to throw on a shirt, OR anything else that is just a fun hobby — this article does not apply to you. Not wanting to invest hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in a hobby is completely understandable. 

Why are you afraid?

I’ve had several people argue that maybe I should just stop being afraid of these Fiverr designers stealing my clients, that maybe it’s my own fault I’m not more confident of my work + value.

Let’s get one thing straight. I am not afraid of Fiverr designers.

My ideal clients value my expertise and time. If someone is hunting for a designer and, after talking to me, decides to go with Fiverr instead — they are not an ideal client.

Now, there may be appropriate times to use Fiverr, but not for your branding or website. Maybe you just need someone to remove the background of one photo, to change out some colors on a PDF, or to fix a small glitch on your website. I still hate the idea of someone only getting $5 for their time and work, but small tasks like those I just mentioned are at least closer to the $5 range than having your entire brand or website created.

It’s about value.

Services like these are just a band-aid, in most cases. You’re (probably) not working with someone that has been trained, and has experience, in creating a brand that accurately reflects you or strategically building websites. $5 will not get you quality design that converts and makes sales. (And sometimes, the work you’re getting from Fiverr designers is stolen.)

Many of the Facebook ads from Fiverr try to convince the audience that paying $100 (which is ridiculously cheap for a logo already) for a logo is a rip-off — “You’re paying too much for design.” (WHAT?!)

There’s also Tailor Brand ads that talk about the “zero effort” it takes to design a logo.

If you’re willing to drop $200 on things like concert tickets, jeans, or a night out with your spouse, why are you not willing to invest in what is one of the most important aspects of your business?

You’re not just paying hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to a Photoshop monkey to design for you. You’re paying someone who understands the psychology behind font and color choices, who knows why responsive design is important, and talks with you about the goals of your business. Good design can only go so far. Knowing your voice, your target audience, the personality of your brand, and the goals that you have as a business owner helps designers (like me) strategically make choices in designing your brand and website.

Look at this way…

I love donuts. I don’t let myself eat them often, but when I do, I love to go to one particular bakery — Sara’s Donuts.

Now, before I knew about this bakery, the nearest place to grab a donut is at our local convenience store. The best part, is after 3 p.m., the leftover, usually stale and broken, donuts are only 59 cents. They’re not my favorite, but if Sara’s is closed, it will do. (Yes, I am this particular about donuts.)

Sara’s Donuts, on the other hand, has large, fresh, made-from-scratch donuts that are to. die. for. And, while they’re not out of this world, ridiculous expensive, they cost just a bit more than your convenience store donuts. But, they’re SOOOO worth it throwing down a few extra dollar bills.

Why am I talking about donuts here?

Because, while convenience can suffice for awhile, it’s worth it to pay more for quality.

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