You want to be known as the specialist in your niche, with a calendar full of clients you love.

Let’s build a website that will help you get there.

“Working with Jess took my business to the next level. After she re-did my brand and website, I started consistently booking my ideal clients, and my revenue has increased at least 25% in the last two years!”  – Amanda Bringham

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’ve taken the right steps and put in the work. You’ve been marketing yourself already.


…you feel stuck at the same phase in your business growth

…you’re ready to elevate your offers and brand

…you are tired of attracting the wrong clients

…you know it’s time for the next evolution of your business

You need a stronger website that showcases your expertise — and differentiates your brand.

Designing a website yourself isn’t your zone of genius — and it gets messy fast. I make websites less confusing and more effective, so your business looks its best. Here’s how:

1. Clarify your strategy

Making things “pretty” is part of my job, but more importantly, I make sure your website will actually help *grow* your online business.

2. Build your website

I’ll handle setting up your WordPress or Squarespace, so you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to figure out all of the tech.

3. Get high-paying clients

No six-month timelines here. We’ll be done in two days. Plus, you have the safety net of being in my membership for a year (for free!).

With me, website design is a collaboration — not an endless guessing game.

“Working with you has transformed my relationship to my online presence. Having a site and branding that feels completely authentic to who I am at this moment in time is so empowering. You provided a sense of tremendous ease to the process every step of the way. I felt truly valued and understood — offline and now online. I’m so grateful for the foundation you have given me to grow my online identity.”
– Carolyn Rubenstein


“Prepare to feel heard and like you’ve got a real partner in building your site. Jess can listen and collaborate in a way that is SO hard to find. Prepare to feel heard and like you’ve got a real partner in building your site.  Ultimately, you will have fun as you helped to create a website both you and your clients love to come back to. For the first time, I feel like my website is staged to grow with me and my business. I feel so grateful to have invested with Jess! Highly recommend her in taking your brand and online visibility to the next level.
– Melissa Landry, registered dietitian


Other clients I’ve worked with:

Ready for a website that doesn’t just look good, but supports your vision and business as it grows?

After 10 years in business, I’ve helped hundreds of nutrition and fitness business owners transform their business, using my signature framework.

Half-Day Retainer

Two payments of $750

30-minute prep call

Four hours of work

Design and SEO updates

The difference between the half-day and the 2-day VIP is that the half-day is for light updates – uploading new photos, adding testimonials, etc. The 2-day VIP is when someone feels like their website isn’t an accurate reflection of their business and they need a whole new website.

2-Day VIP Website

Four payments of $1,500

Two-day design time

Up to 6 pages (more can be added)

One-hour strategy call

Website tutorial


1-year free access to membership to get all your follow-up questions answered

Rush fee available to skip the waitlist

“I wanted to show up as 100% me on a website. Most website templates didn’t fit my personality and I didn’t know how to show case all of the work that I have done in a clear and concise way for my community.

My biggest fear before hiring was that my website was going to be very generic and very “dietitian-y.” I love my profession, but I know I offer much more to my clients than nutrition and I was afraid those other values weren’t going to be highlighted as much. It didn’t come true. My brand and business were elevated because of the changes we made and shows that all the work I do in my running community is more than nutrition-focused.” – Starla Garcia, RD

“The brand and website that Jess created has allowed me to book about 7-8+ speaking events each year, and since working with her, I’ve gained over 2400 new social media followers, and I’m nearing my first 1,000 email subscribers!
Kristen Ekiss, fitness coach


What if I need more pages?

I can create a custom quote for you! Contact me to learn more.

Do you work with ALL business owners?

I do my best work when I’m excited about the project, so if I feel like your needs are not something I best suited for, I can refer you to someone else.

While most of my work is with health and fitness professionals, I do also work with other service-based businesses.

How do the payment plans work?

I’m flexible on payment plans, as long as you are paid in full before we launch your website. If you want the six payments–great! Rather pay small installments every single week? That works, too!

When can we start?

My availability varies! But website audits and VIP websites can be done at anytime. I can let you know my next availability for other projects when you inquire.

What if I want something different than what's in your portfolio?

Each website design is customized to YOUR brand. So, you might not see what fits “you” in my portfolio. Have a neon color palette? Great! I can work with that. Want to use pastel colors? Great! I can work with that. I’m not going to force your brand to fit into a box. 

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