You want to be known as the specialist in your niche, with clients and group programs you love.

Let’s build a website that will expand your business.

“Working with Jess took my business to the next level. After she re-did my brand and website, I started consistently booking my ideal clients, and my revenue has increased at least 25% in the last two years!”  – Amanda Bringham

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’ve taken the right steps and put in the work. You’ve been marketing yourself already.


…you feel stuck at the same phase in your business growth

…you’re ready to elevate your offers and brand

…you know it’s time for the next evolution of your business

That’s why you need a stronger website that showcases your expertise — and differentiates your brand.

Designing a website yourself gets messy fast. I make websites less confusing and more effective, so your business can be more profitable. Here’s how:


You’re not just “another” health professional. Your website should position you as trustworthy and reputable.


You have the experience and expertise to help your clients, and your website needs to communicate that to potential clients.


You’re losing potential clients by confusing them. We’ll organize your site so people know which offer is right for them.

You know you need a website, but don’t exactly know how to leverage it (or how to even use it). 

Your website is the starting point for your funnel and can help fuel your business, regardless of your business model. Just take a look at some of my past clients:

Colleen works with a specific demographic of private-pay clients, but also has resources for her fellow dietitians. We organized her website in a way so that each group can find what pertains to them.

Melissa is a dietitian who also has private-pay clients. She primarily uses blogs to help expand her funnel from Instagram Stories, and get people on her email list, and now she has thousands inside that warm audience.

Natalie doesn’t work with clients 1:1 and only helps her audience through ebooks and courses. So, her website is optimized to drive traffic, grow her list, and sell her passive income products.

Whether you’re planning on using ads, blogs, or social media to drive traffic and clients to your website, we’ll clarify the strategy for your website so it works for your business.

Other clients I’ve worked with:

With me, website design is a collaboration — not an endless guessing game.

Step 1: Strategy Call

This is where you and I will work together to map out a game plan for your website and content. What pages do you need? What needs to be on those pages? Think of me as your thought partner.

Step 2: Design + Collaboration

This is the bulk of our time together, where I start designing your website. But, I’m not the type of designer who just hands you a website. You’ll give feedback, I’ll give guidance on best practices, and we’ll make your website come to life!

Step 3: Go live (with support!)

We’ll publish your website so you can start marketing your business and stepping into the next phase of your business. But, you won’t be without support! I’m available for updates and questions.

Ready for a website that doesn’t just look good, but supports your vision and helps your business grow?

After 10 years in business, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners transform their business, scale their group programs, and increase their revenue.

The Process:

Apply to see if we're a good fit

Hop on a discovery call

Sign a contract and pay a deposit

Have a 1-hour strategy call

Send all of your copy and photos

Get three rounds of website edits

Launch and start getting more clients

Get access to my library of tutorials and feel confident managing your site (with my support, as needed)

How We Can Work Together:

Payment plans available at no extra cost. Packages can be customized.

Website in a Day

Four payments of $500

  • Templated design with limited customizations
  • 1-day design time
  • Four pages: Home, About, Services, and Blog or Contact
    ( + privacy policy pages)
  • Copy template to fill in
  • Website tutorials
  • 1 round of website edits
  • SEO
  • No calls are included with this package.

Learn more here!

Classic Website

Four payments of $1,050

  • Available on WordPress and Squarespace
  • 3-day design time
  • Up to 8 pages (privacy policy pages do not count towards this)
  • One-hour strategy call
  • Copy and photo guidance
  • Website tutorials
  • Google Analytics installed
  • Three rounds of edits
  • SEO
  • Priority scheduling available
  • E-commerce and additional pages can be added. Contact me for a customized quote!
VIP Website

Four payments of $1,450

  • Skip the waitlist! Priority scheduling for VIPs.
  • Available on WordPress and Squarespace
  • 2-day design time
  • Up to 6 pages (+ privacy policy pages)
  • One-hour strategy call
  • Copy and photo guidance
  • Website tutorials
  • Google Analytics installed
  • Three rounds of edits
  • SEO
  • No e-commerce add-on available. Limited number of additional pages can be added to the package.

We are a good fit if:

You don't have a website and need one

  • OR you need to move from one platform to another
  • OR you have a website but only want to re-design it

You already have a brand and color palette

You're a service-based business owner

You enjoy working with people who have a process

You're open to feedback and guidance

You want a strategic website, not just a pretty one

You want a website on WordPress, Squarespace, or Showit


What are your other packages?

We can customize the packages listed above to fit your needs, but if you’re looking for other services I offer:

What website pages are included?

With the pages that are included in the above packages, the specific pages included are up to you! We can discuss what pages are necessary, but if you already have an idea of what you want, that’s also fine.

Please note that the privacy policy, terms, and disclaimer pages do NOT count towards the overall page count, since they are text-only pages.

Who do you work with?

While most of my work is with health and fitness professionals, I do also work with other service-based businesses.

What if I need help later?

You can always come to me for updates on an as-needed basis. Pricing for updates is based on what needs to be done. (We can discuss this further on a call!)

How do the payment plans work?

I’m flexible on payment plans, as long as you are paid in full before we launch your website. If you want the six payments–great! Rather pay small installments every single week? That works, too!

Do you make accessibility accomodations?

Yes! If you are someone who is hard of hearing or visually-impaired, or have any other need for accommodations, I’m happy to make accommodations to my process so we can work together – i.e. if Zoom or phone calls do not work for you, they are not required and we can discuss your project in other formats. (I’m happy to make other accommodations as needed, this is just one example.)

Additionally, the websites I design are always accessible to screen readers so that your website is also fully accessible to your audience.

“I have worked with VERY FEW people who deliver what and when they say they will deliver, and Jess exceeded my hopes. She helped me figure out what I want, totally put me at ease, and now I actually feel like I understand my website.” – Nicki Wilson, fitness coach

“Jess knows what she’s doing, is very patient, laid-back, responsive to feedback, and available for questions. Her depth of knowledge goes beyond web design and she’s generous with sharing what she knows.” – Colleen Webb, registered dietitian

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