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A Mindset Shift: Stop Saying Yes to Everything

Today's quick episode is a mindset shift that I've been going through in the last year, and one that I think every business owner needs to go through. You don't have to say yes to everything – and you shouldn't. Think about what's going to serve your business and...

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Building More of the Know, Like, and Trust Factor

I'm sure you've read or maybe heard the research that says people prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust, right? It sounds nice, but what does it really mean to know, like, and trust someone? And how do you build trust on your website? That's what...

Four Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Content

Today, we’re talking about site traffic because if you’re like any of my clients, you have a website built and then you’re like, okay, now what? How do I get people to actually visit my site? And you could ask this question whether or not you have blogs or videos on...

How I Run My Business for $300/Month

So today’s episode is all about finances, specifically my finances: how much do I pay myself versus reinvest in the business and allocate for expenses, et cetera. And to be honest, this isn’t something I’ve really talked about before online.

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Becoming a Six-Figure Health Coach (ft. Megan Lyons)

Megan Lyons shares her story of becoming a six-figure health coach, as the owner of The Lyons’ Share Wellness, serving people all across the country and the world with primarily 1:1 nutrition counseling.