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SO MUCH WISDOM in such a short time!

This podcast is one the best resources for real life, day to day, HOW TO RUN this business and do it better information! Jess has helped me spend my time way more wisely by focusing on what matters on my website! Tips on what things to say on my website pages and where to put them AND the importance of testimonials has already helped me niche down and authentically generate and better serve my own audience. So grateful!


Fun, Engaging, Informative!

As a dietitian, I know nutrition but need in the digital space. Jess’ natural approach in her podcast is so fun and I can make immediate improvements on my website! A must listen for female website owners in the the health space!


Personable with clear, actionable advice

Love listening to Jess because she’s talented and very thoughtful about her business, and she openly shares her experiences in this podcast. But the best part is she’s so personable, it’s like I’m listening to my bff giving me (really great) advice.


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