Dietitian Web Design: Ruby and Oak Nutrition Before and After

Ruby Oak Nutrition, an inclusive, non-diet nutrition counseling practice, offers a variety of nutrition support for adults and children. Our goal was to create a more professional website that also allowed Christine to grow into her group practice, and become the go-to eating disorder nutrition counseling practice in the Raleigh, NC area. As with all of my client projects, I also wanted to help her increase her reach with organic search!

Web Design Project Overview

  • Initial Assessment: The old website was built on WordPress, and while it had some color and some organization, it really lacked the amount of personality it needed.
  • Branding: Christine was also the primary focus on the website, which needed to change. Christine was growing a group practice, and wanted the photos and messaging to focus more on a “we” instead of herself.
    • Because of the switch to a group practice, this also meant we were going to be switching URLs, as well as creating a new logo and brand identity.
  • SEO: Christine had a decent amount of website traffic from organic search, so it was important to maintain redirects, and optimize the new website to improve search rankings.

Ruby and Oak Nutrition Website Strategy Plan

We wanted to keep Ruby and Oak on WordPress, so there was no platform changes. But, we wanted to re-organize and simplify the website. Previously, she had a single Services page that highlighted how she could help people. But, that didn’t really allow her to really explain the value of her services, and fully show all that she can do.

With the new website, we wanted to make it more clear this was a group practice, and make it very clear that the practice takes a non-diet approach with clients. This type of messaging was important to Christine, since so many people seek out nutrition support for losing weight. We also wanted to really emphasize the eating disorder nutrition support (as opposed to some of the other nutrition services they offer), so those services were emphasized on the Home page.

To help with clarity and SEO, we also made sure to expand the copy on the website. Google wants to make sure the websites they show in search results are authoritative and reputable, and often, having enough copy can really help with this!

Design Process

We kept Christine setup on Siteground, and we are using the Divi theme for this website. Here are some key elements I want to highlight on this website:

Mission Section

I love this Mission section for two reasons. First, while it’s not mandatory to have this on a website, it can be a nice thing to include (especially for larger businesses, or those with a team). Second, this is a great example of including fun visual interest on a website without hindering legibility. You always want to make sure to keep text on a clear background, and avoid putting it on top of busy images or patterns.

Services Process Explanation

Use any chance you can to further clarify the steps people will go through when working with you. It might seem like common sense to you, or not much of a “process” to go through… but people love to know details! There are many ways to display these steps––accordions, icons, columns, lists, etc. I loved these juxtaposed boxes because it catches your eye more than a simple paragraph or list.

Resources Page

I recommend a Resources page to many of my clients. It’s a great place to house popular books you recommend to clients, list affiliate links for some passive income, or even highlight other providers in your area or industry. I really loved how Christine listed specific, niche resources and organizations at the top of the Resources page. We also included books and podcasts, but I loved that she included these as alternative or deeper support options.

Website Plugins Used:

  • CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Supreme Modules for Divi
  • Divi Booster
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
  • Rank Math SEO (aff link)
  • WP Rocket (aff link)

Final Website Design Reveal

SEO Results

At the height of Christine’s old website (which was under her name and a different domain) she had an estimated reach of around 3,000 visits per month. After working with me to launch her new, SEO-rich website, her reach is now around 15,000 visits per month!