Finally have steady business growth and lasting success.

Running a small business is a whirlwind. Between perfecting your craft, managing day-to-day tasks, and staying ahead of the curve, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You’re doing everything you can, but sometimes it feels like you’re not getting anywhere.

What if you could leverage your expertise to attract more clients, streamline your processes, and achieve your business goals?

Imagine having a trusted advisor by your side, guiding you through the chaos and helping you focus on what truly matters. As your small business consultant, I offer a personalized approach to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, I’ll equip you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

I’m Jess, and I’ve been in your shoes. Over the past 13 years, I’ve grown my business from a part-time side hustle making $5k/year to a $200k/year business. Here’s why you can trust me to guide you:

  • Increased revenue every year, even during a pandemic, and during depression and grief after losing my mom, and even the year I took a 3-month (fully paid!) maternity leave.
  • Built a successful business despite a small following, a smaller email list, and no paid ads.
  • Operated largely as a one-person business with very part-time contractors.
  • Written over 200 blog posts, 400 YouTube videos, and 100 podcast episodes

Here’s how my consulting can help your small business:

“Jess has a way to make you feel valued and encouraged. Her coaching goes beyond the typical dos and don’ts, she invest in you and your business and wants to see you succeed. Jess always comes to the occasion with a wealth of knowledge and details tailored to your needs. I cannot recommend her enough! Don’t watch from the sidelines. Your time is now! It’s the best thing we’ve ever done for our businesses!”
– Amy Sullins

Boost Your Visibility: Attract more qualified leads and generate sales through targeted marketing and strategic planning. I’m well-versed in:

    • SEO for websites and blogs
    • Social media marketing, YouTube, and podcasting
    • Getting brand sponsorships 
    • Knowing if paid ads is a good avenue

Optimize Your Operations: Streamline your workflow, improve efficiency, and free up valuable time to focus on what matters most – growing your business. I can help with:

    • Outlining your client onboarding and offboarding
    • Choosing platforms that are best for you
    • Streamline workflows to save you time (and money!)

Level Up Your Skills: Whether you’re a new SEO marketer, web designer, or entrepreneur in general, I can provide guidance and support to elevate your skillset and confidence. We can go over:

    • Web design and SEO basics for newer designers
    • Getting started with content marketing
    • Formulating new offers in your business

You can have a sustainable, profitable online business. Let’s talk about yours!

I specialize in helping service-based business owners (designers, copywriters, health coaches, dietitians, bookkeepers, etc.)



Need quick advice or a strategy session? Book a one-hour consultation call with me. We’ll dive into your specific challenges and come up with actionable solutions to help your business. Best suited those who like to have more time to think things over.



Prefer to have time to think it out and have more back and forth? My week-long Voxer coaching offers you the flexibility to ask questions, get feedback, and receive guidance via the voice messaging app.

Also available for more than one-week if needed.



This includes one call per month and dedicated Slack support between calls. With a 3-month minimum commitment, you’ll receive continuous expert advice and feedback to help you navigate challenges and refine strategies.

Must do a one-off call or Voxer support before enrolling in monthly.

I’m NOT the type of business consultant who…

“I’ve been researching for months trying to figure out SEO best practices as a new marketer. Turns out I just needed a 1-hour call with Jess. I finally have clarity! Wish I had found her sooner!”

– Suzanna

Tries to fit you into one framework

Prescribes hustle and grind

✘ Will shame you or judge you for where you are or what you’ve done

✘ Gives you blanket, generalized advice

Ready to talk to a small business consultant? Great!

Optimizing your business to be more efficient and profitable is one of the best things you can do. I help business owners who need general business advice, or I help SEO marketers and designers who want more insight from someone who’s been there.

If you’re ready to book a consulting call for your small businesses, here’s how it works:

Apply to work with me

Receive approval + Sign your contract

Call takes place on the date you choose!

Ready to grow your business? Let’s talk strategy!

Have more questions about my online consulting services for small businesses?

What areas of small business consulting do you specialize in?

I typically talk with clients about their packages and client onboarding. For SEO marketers and designers, we can also talk about specific skills, tools, etc.

What can you NOT help me with?

I will refer you to someone else if you are looking for help with: hiring a team, launch planning, advanced email marketing, paid ads strategy.

How do you tailor your consulting services to each client?

I’m not here to pigeon-hole you into a framework or one-way of thinking. Every business and every person is different. I’m here to help you think through ways to simplify and streamline, so your business can be more profitable.

What kind of results can I expect from your consulting services?

My clients often see growth in their client base, enhanced visibility through targeted marketing, and streamlined processes that free up valuable time. With personalized strategies and ongoing support, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence needed to achieve sustainable, long-term success. I can’t (and don’t) make any type of income guarantees. 

What is your refund policy?

Once the call(s) are completed, there are no refunds.