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website design and seo services

Get more clients and revenue through your website.

I offer website design and SEO services together because your website is more than just “street cred” for your biz.

Done right, it helps you fill your group programs, sell passive income, and grow your business.

These websites shown here are just a glimpse of some of my work, and these projects all varied in needs!

  • Starting from scratch
  • Moving from one platform to another
  • Setting up a shop
  • Re-vamping what they already had
  • And more!

“Since launching my website, I have consistently closed my monthly goals for 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and, course. I’ve been able to grow my email list more consistently and build value with my audience through my blog. The website gave my social and email marketing efforts more authority and visibility, and I’m so grateful!”
– Melissa Landry, RD

gut dietitian
gut dietitian

When I think about what makes working with Jess so unique and critical to my business, it truly goes beyond a website for me.

Throughout the process, Jess spends time to really educate me on the why’s behind the choices she is making so that I understand how they can impact my business and ability to reach my clients. She also makes sure that I know what to do as well so that I feel I have power to make shifts and changes to my site based on my business need. I think some people don’t realize what they get with working with Jess until the process starts and then its super clear: this is about a larger strategy filled with education and guidance for you and your business and not “just a website.”

Oh, and the four clients I’ve booked in the last 10 days since we worked on the website: 1 Contract: $7500, Accelerator Spot: $2500, 2 Speaking Gigs: $1000!

– Dynasti Hunt

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